Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bullet Points for the Weekend

  • Last weekend was wood fire weather.
  • This weekend was above 90 and humid.
  • Lots of thunderstorms in the weather predictions.

This is where I start some of my bike rides from.

Lake Dunmore once again

Taking a break.

  • A bike ride on Saturday before the storms.  32 miles. A great route to repeat more than once this summer.
  • A purchase of an individual state park pass so I can visit any state park this summer as many times as I want. And I am very anal so will go at least 9 times to get my money's worth.
  • Visited Branberry Beach on Saturday while on my bike ride. Just a short rest, snack and bathroom break.
  • Worked on report cards at school for 5 hours. Bleeck!
  • Too tired to cook supper. My husband had popcorn for supper! I snacked.
  • A hot sweaty humid 8 mile run Sunday morning that felt like 18.  A reminder to carry water. Thankfully I stopped and got water at the local church.  
  • Lots of front porch sitting with a book in the cool breeze.
  • Thunderstorms roll in and are intense.
  • A wonderful barbecue at home with both Emily and Jameson.  
  • If you went to my classroom this weekend you would see the statue below. One of my students roller bladed to school with it on Friday. I would have loved to have seen that.  He couldn't carry it home so it is still there.  Every time I see it I startle as it is the size of a kid. 

Just envision a 10 year old boy roller blading down the street with 
this in his arms.


Ransick said...

Pretty pictures!

Seeing a kid roller blading with the statue I would assume he stole it :-).

Cinthia said...

Great pics and wow, it's really green there. It looks like "real" summer. We are still waiting for our lawn to shape up and turn the desired shade. Love the idea of the kid rollerblading with that huge statue. P.S. Enjoy the thunderstorms. We rarely have them up here and I really miss them.

Fran said...

Busy but fun weekend!

About Skyfall: I like this one much better than the James Bond movie before this (don't even know the name anymore). But I like most of the James Bond movies to be honest.

christa said...

Crazy thunderstorms! Which state park do you go to? I have a pass as well.

Black Knight said...

Great pics!
Be careful under the thunderstorm. Never seen one of them here.

Johann said...

That kid must have been a sight to see! It looks like our summers, beautiful! To answer your question: the other twin has won before. The one is stronger and won her 8th Comrades yesterday. The other won 2 but she has more wins in other ultras over here than her sister. They both have 2:24 marathon times so they are really impressive runners. They always share their winnings 50/50.

Runner Leana said...

Wow, that sounds like one busy weekend! I can't believe that kid roller bladed to school with that statue either.

Thank you for your comment on Maggie.

middleagedrunner said...

Can you believe how hot it got? 52 degrees here last Wednesday then 95 on Friday, 98 on Sat and 95 on Sunday. Holy wow.
Your pics are always so pretty, I want to come and run/cycle in your town :-)

Char said...

What happened to your spring? You've had some crazy weather over there.

And that statue! A boy carrying it while roller-blading would have been a spectacle.

Michael said...

I'm totally laughing outloud at that image! That would be hilarious to see.

The weather here has been crazy too, although we still haven't had any real "hot" weather to speak of yet.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I'd love the wood fire weather, especially if it included hot chocolate! Time for some cold Gatorade now!

Teamarcia said...

Cannot believe how hot is is there when we're mostly still in the 40's here. COmplaining cuz this is not summer but not complaining cuz it's good running weather.