Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm sick.  Right now I'm lying in bed.  I'm very content to do nothing productive.  I think I just have a cold, none of that nasty flu floating around.  The worst is my chest/cough which is kind of disgusting to listen to.  The idea of talking to  a roomful of kids all day just didn't compute so I dragged myself off the couch at 5:30 (where I had gone when I couldn't sleep) and went to school to make sub plans.  Making sub plans is the worst thing ever.  I thought about making them yesterday but was hopeful I would feel better just couldn't face making them until I absolutely had to. Hate hate hate making sub plans.

2. I have no race this weekend which is a good thing since I don't feel well.  Last weekend, yes, and next weekend, yes, but not this one.  The original plan was to go help my son clean his house.  Take a moment to think about what  a great mother I am.  But those plans may change as he said only if there's no snow - BIG snowstorm headed this way - and it will depend on how I feel.  Back to the whole cleaning thing.  Whenever Often when I go to DC I help Emily do some cleaning. So I got to thinking about it and thought just because I'm not visiting Jameson and staying with him doesn't mean I couldn't help him clean. So I made the offer to him and he is just now taking me up on it. I do spend a lot of time at his house with Jaxon Jameson,  even using his shower after I use the bike path at times.

This is sweet Jaxon standing in the chair, watching
you leave, making you feel incredibly sad for
leaving him behind. CUTEST THING EVER!

Last time he visited our house.

3.  Some people requested a shopping post after Target and Lululemon. Well I got an ironing board at Target so I don't think anyone wants to see that.  But before that I went to Lululemon and spent some significant money.  I was shopping for a care package for  a friend and did quite well but I may have gotten a little carried away shopping for me too.  So I will post those pictures!  

I wore this at the Polar Cap run. Very cozy and it's
reversible (see below).  Love it. It's
purple, prettier than it looks here.

This shirt (a pretty pale green) is the softest thing ever and
can be worn over capris or run in of course.  I wore it last
Friday to a workshop I  went to and all day I kept thinking
about how cozy I was. Clothes are all about the feel for me.

And I also got these capris. I am a sucker
for cute capris.  Love the waist band and the 
bottom of the leg - see below!  

I also got the cutest dress ever from Athleta a while back. When it came it was a little tight but now it fits just fine. (down 11 pounds)  It isn't quite the weather around here to wear it yet but can't wait until I can.

4. I think I always end up doing more than 3.  I just finished Criminal Minds Season 4 without having season 5 available to watch!  I do think I need a break from it so I googled season 5 just to make sure Hotch was still living!  I can't stand it when my favorite characters leave shows.  Now I'm on to The Good Wife. Drama of a different kind.


Johann said...

Feel better soon! Our dogs do the same putting on sad faces whenever we leave. They know just how to manipulate us.

Christina said...

Cute clothes. I need some clothes to fit this post-pregnancy body but I don't want to spend money. I want to buy them after I lose some weight. Hope that this would be motivation for me.

I am on Season 2 of The Good Wife. I kinda like it. :)
I also watch some really trashy TV on Netflix. There's something about brainless, mindless trash tv.

middleagedrunner said...

Sorry that you're not feeling well :-( I hope that you shake it off soon! I love all the cute new duds- makes me want to take myself shopping!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. My wife's teacher and when she gets unexpectedly becomes sick she sometimes has to run to school to prepare something for a sub and returns home.

Darlene said...

I hope you feel better soon..but not soon enough to have to clean LOL. I would love to have Lululemon nearby.. I have never been to one (but maybe that's a good thing for my wallet.)

I hated making sub was easier just to go in and teach.

Kandi said...

I hope you feel better quickly. I was wondering why you were able to play WWF so often today.
Jaxon looks so big in that 2nd photo! What a cutie pie! You are a great mom to help your son clean. My mom and I have cleaned at my brother's house numerous times but I can't think if she's helped me here yet. I'm sure she would if I asked her to or if she stayed with me for any length of time. My parents usually only stay one night and we are often really busy. I also try to make sure my house is clean before they get here!
I have never been to a Lululemon before despite living relatively close to a few. I like your choices! The stripes are fun. I also like that dress.
Congrats for being down 11 pounds! As of last week I am down 8 and I'm looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow (who am i?).

Liz said...

I really like that dress. Teaching is a job which you just can't get through when you're full of cold. Hope you're feeling better.

Char said...

I personally don't think you should have to make sub plans if you're sick. You should just have to lie in bed and drink warm drinks and have your husband wait on you hand and foot until you get better. Would you like my to write to your principal and tell him that you're too sick and he'll just have to deal with it?

Kate Geisen said...

I love that dress! I could spend my salary and then some on that Athleta catalog! Maybe when I finally get this next bike I'm saving for I can spend some $$ on clothes...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I'm happy for you that you have a snow day and NO sub plans for tomorrow! :)

HappyTrails said...

Hope your crud passes quickly, you GREAT MOTHER WHO CLEANS HER CHILDREN"S HOMES!!! You are AWESOME! Jax thinks so,too! He is so incredibly cute! Our dogs used to look sad, sometimes, when we left for work but as soon as we walked out the door, they would head upstairs and beach themselves, cozily, on our bed for the day. I would say heartily that you scored BIG time at Lulumon and Athleta. I LOVE looking at and PURCHASING new running and biking clothes and everyday wear from Title 9 and Athleta. Hmmm, I have not been on a shopping binge for several months..... Spring is just around the corner - maybe I NEED a fresh look!!! :-) That new dress is super cute! It has a very flattering cut. Well, get over the crud - are you hoping to be snowed in this weekend???

Fran said...

Hope you feel better soon Andrea.

Jaxxon is still so adorable.

I love the Good wife, still waiting till it comes back on TV here.

Alisa said...

Sorry you're sick! Ugh! Being sick is the worst. At least schools are probably closed where you are today...hope the storm isn't as bad as they say. I lived through a couple of nor'easters when I lived in Boston..being from California I thought the snow was FUN =). I also didn't own a house and have to shovel.

Cute tops!

And yes, next week is stripe week! I wish I could have "yoga/exercise clothes" week but since I work in an office that ain't gonna fly =).

christa said...

I need to visit Lulu soon

That Pink Girl said...

You really got some cute stuf!!! Good for you! Its nice to treat yourself every now and then. You ask a lot of your workout clothes; they should be comfy and made well. I finally drank the Lulu kool-aid. I am in love. The Wonder Unders are on my body every day - I even wear them to work under dresses as tights! So comfy!

Hope you're feeling better soon!