Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ms.Zippy Here is my 2012

Ms. Zippy asked us to tell her about our 2012.  It seems like an opportunity for a blog post so here goes.

I've used this picture a lot but I love it. Best
free pictures ever!

Best race experience? I have to pick one of my tris and I think I’ll go with my first because it was so much fun and let me enter a whole new world of racing. I made some major mistakes in it but learned from them and went on to do two more last summer.  I am totally hooked and have to figure out how to pay for the ones I want to do in 2013.  Plus I need to leave time to do other things with my long awesome bike rides.
If you've followed my blog for more than two minutes 
you've also seen this shot more than once.

Best run? I would say my best runs this year were in Maine running to the Nubble Point Lighthouse.  They are not particularly long runs but everything about them is great. First  I am next to the ocean.  Let me say that to the ocean. I can smell it, see it, hear get it.  The run meets my criteria of being very scenic, more than my minimal distance but not too long and  I do a lot of smiling when I am running there.
As recently as a year ago I would have bet
good money I would never ever have
on a wet suit.

Best new piece of gear? It is my wet suit although this is definitely a love/hate relationship. It was seriously several months before I even opened the package it came in.  It was way past the chance to return it if it didn't fit. Good think it fit......although every time I put it on I was sure this would be the time it WOULDN'T fit.  But once I finally put it on and swam with it I knew buying it had been the right thing for me. It increased my confidence in my tris a ton. It allowed me not to sink and I think it helped me be not the slowest swimmer in the race each time.  (Set the bar low and you will be happy.)
Best piece of running advice you received? The best piece of advice I got was to run fewer days. I used to run 6 days every week and then I lowered it to 5. But last year when I started swimming and then spring came and I was biking there really wasn't enough time to do all the working out I needed to do and live a life. So I shortened the number of days I run to 4 and I haven't changed it since.  It can still be challenging to fit in 4 runs, 3 rides and 2 swims (maximum amount  I do)  when I am working and actually even in the summer at times.  Four runs makes it possible even if not easy.  Plus this is the first fall I haven't been injured! Enough said.
Most inspirational runner?  I am going to cheat and do two runners here.
1.  Super Kate - She is amazing. She never shies away from a challenge but meets them head on and seems game for anything.  She is an integral part of the many teams she joins and I imagine her to be a very fun and inspiring team member. She seems to be as much in love with biking as I am although very different biking than I like including cyclo cross. As I said, this girl will try anything.
2. Christa - I have the fortune of knowing this blogger IRL.  I got to know her first as a colleague and through running have been able to get to know her also as a friend.  Christa lives with cancer each and every day of her life and does it in an amazing fashion.  She helps and supports other cancer survivors.  She lives life to the fullest including running in all kinds of weather.  Christa does many races including lots of half marathons.  Many people who are completely healthy sit home and do nothing and there is Christa always giving it her all. She doesn't complain and is a real hero.
If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Out of the box. Never think you are too old to try something new. (not terribly original but it sums up my year)


Christopher Weaver said...

Sounds like an awesome 2012!!! I like the running advice and I too have found I get more outta 3-4 quality runs a week verses 5-6 days of running! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Kate Geisen said...

This made me smile big. Thank you for the compliment! This year has been SO FUN to watch you (well, not as fun when you were hurt bc I was sad for you) as you tackled and fell in love with the tris...and of course having another runner/biker blogger is pretty awesome. :)

Char said...

I knew before I even started reading that this post would be full of positives. You've had such a great year with your races and training.

Amy said...

Congratulations on the awesome year you have had! I loved reading this!

Johann said...

This is a really great post because you had such a great year. Well done! It's been awesome to be part of your year via this blog. Thank you so much for everything you share. My year is not quite over yet with two more races so my Mszippy post must still wait.

christa said...

Ahhh Thanks Andrea! I needed that today.

Anonymous said...

A most excellent year for you. Mine is not over just yet, so folks will have to wait.

middleagedrunner said...

I love your recap! It's definitely the right time of year to reflect back on the serious ass kicking that you obviously brought to the 2012!! Awesome job :-)

Molly said...

Love how you ended this post, and you can really rock a wetsuit! : )

Giorgio said...

Excellent achievement and great picture of you!

Anne said...

What a fantastic year you've had! Wow! Doing triathlons, now that is some serious stepping outside the box. You are my hero!! :)

Teamarcia said...

You've had a fun, exciting year! Really? Wet suits make you more floaty? Who knew? Not I.

Anonymous said...

good for you!! you are inspiring!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.