Friday, March 16, 2012

By the Numbers

0 - the number of times I will run between Monday and my race on Saturday known as  life got in the way

4:00 a.m. - the number on the clock as I was doing my tempo run at the gym on Monday.  Truthfully it was 5:00 which was bad enough but the clock hadn't been turned back and that number was freaking me out.
And it was a completely awesome tempo run that felt pretty effortless! Where did that come from?

6 - the number of times I tried to set my own clock for the time change (I am generally good at this) before giving up and changing the time zone instead.

3 - the number of days I got up early - very early - this week to get a workout in.

infinite - the number of times I ran to the bathroom during my colonoscopy prep fun fun fun NOT (sorry if TMI)

4250 - the number of yards I swam this week

1 - swimmer who approached me in the locker room that told me she didn't learn to swim until she was 30. Apparently she saw me swimming during my lesson and thought I needed some encouragement.  (She was right.)

3 - the number of students in my class who have come to school with pink eye.  How many more will get it and when will it be my turn?

3 - the number of books I have read this week I just finished The Provence Cure for the Broken Hearted by Bridget Asher. I liked it enough to want to read other books by this author.  It is a light book with a lot of characters I loved.

- the number of weeks until I begin what I will call official tri training.

5 approximately - the number of tri plans I have looked at this week. I am not finding one that fits me. I appreciate the suggestions I have gotten.  Yes, I can do the miles so I am not concerned about that.  The beginning tri plans have you running for 15 minutes and swimming 500 yards or less and the bike is short too.  That is not me.  Should it be?  If I "gear up" I want to put some time in and feel I did something worth calling a work out.  I am fully prepared to come in last in my tri but I don't want it to be because I didn't put time in.  Plus I have 3 more half marathons this spring and I don't want to show up unprepared to do the distance.  I am thinking I will come up with my own plan.  As long as I am biking, (ahem I will be soon), swimming and running a decent number of times in the week I should be okay. Right?  Well, this got a little long winded for this post. Obviously very much on my mind.

Yes, bike I will get you out soon. I know I should be riding

Yes, I do remember how much I loved you.


misszippy said...

Great post. Laughing about the clock change and using the time zone--whatever works, right? And yeah, 4 a.m. is stinking early, whether for real or in your head.

Here's hoping pink eye stays away.

Lily on the Road said...

Busy, busy! I have ended up setting my watch so all I have to do is hold down the button and it switches to either daylight savings or in the fall, back an hour. I just got too frustrated trying to switch it every 6 months.

If you feel that your distances are not long enough with your tri training (you should start out with small distances), then really work on your transitions. that is where the majority of time is lost. Most people forget to work on transitions.

With the Half Marathons, you've got to put in some longer runs, even if they are run / walks, there is no way of getting around it...Good LUCK!

Karen said...

You have been reading up a sotrm this week! I always have great intentions but just can't find/make the time.

I always kind of make up my own tri plans. Maybe find one that suits you in terms for format (i.e. are you more about just knowing what distances you need to complete or do you want a specific workout that includes drills and what not?). Take that plan and adjust it to account for your half marathon or whatever else you have going on. I am no expert but that seems to work for me.

Amy said...

I bet you can put together your own plan that is better suited to your running!
Good luck in staying away from the pink eye...

Katie said...

eeks, good luck steering clear of the pink eye!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I suggest you google Matt Fitzgerald and use some of his tri plans. Or ask your triathlete daughter:)

Colonoscopy - I had one and actually was happy when I finally made it to the bathroom after the 2 hours of bloating...

You are doing awesome!

Teamarcia said...

All the best with your race! I think the layoff from running will benefit you. Yuck on the pinkeye. Here the notices came home for lice and strep. More yuck.

christa said...

Pink eye is going around my work too. Yuck!
Awesome #'s

Ransick said...

Those times do seem short for your tri plan. You can bump up the times and/or intensity until you feel challenged or find an Olympic of half iron plan and modify as needed.

Kate Geisen said...

YOU are awesome. Look at those numbers. Seriously. I want to be like you.

Here's my (totally uninformed) tri plan opinion: you can do the miles, you already know that. What you most need to work on is brick workouts so your body is accustomed to biking right after the swim and (especially) running off the bike. Also work on your transitions so you don't lose a bunch of time there. Otherwise, do your regularly scheduled distances. (Except, you know, you're going to need to get back on that bike. :D)

Pink eye...ugh...the first I hear of it at school I start itching.

Liz said...

Do you need to stick rigidly to a training plan? I've never followed one to the letter, but always adapted things to fit around work, kids etc commitments. Can you use the plans you've found to design your own version?

Lindsay said...

i'd probably DIY a tri training plan too. at least the running and biking part. i'd probably stick to a beginner swim plan as i am NOT a swimmer / have no swim-stamina. i agree that you are well ahead of a "15 min run"! :)

hope the colonosp. went ok!

Char said...

That's another great reason not to have daylight savings - it's too difficult for the technically challenged amongst us.

Alisa said...

I could have done without infinite :) haha.

I hate changing clocks as well...I have one watch that I can't figure out so I don't bother =).

In terms of training plans, you can totally make one up that suits you. I prefer what's called the "balanced" approach to tri training where you do 3x3 sports. This does mean double days and honestly, for a sprint you could probably pair back a day of swimming, sounds like you're already getting in good yardage and add a day of running to keep up with your half marathon schedule.

Ewa said...

How about cooking up your own training plan? You know yourself best, you saw what others suggest, you can do it.
4am workouts - bee there, done that. Sometimes even liked it.
It will be a while before I can say I read so many books in one week. I am currently working on David Foster Walkace's Infinite Jest. I find it quite difficult to read but I am enjoying it.

(typos by iPhone)

Black Knight said...

Is the gym open at 05.00?
Congrats for the very good swimming week; are you thinking about any race in open water?
I hope that you received good news after the colonoscopy.

Kathy said...

Oh, how I wish I could get my lazy, lazy tush up early for a run. Just can't.
Aargh to the pink eye! Sterilize that classroom!
And A+ from my nurse practitioner sensibilities about getting in for that delightful colonoscopy! At least it's all behind you (AH, unintentional pun!!!) :)