Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why commute by bike? And Happy Birthday!

Not a picture of me commuting - no time for photos  on 
the morning commute

10 Reasons in No Particular Order

1. It's fun!

2. You are half done before you start your work day.

3. Co workers are impressed when you wheel your bike into your office classroom.

4. You can leave meetings early earlier than others.  (Yesterday I was at a meeting that had already gone on for 90 minutes.  My principal mentioned it was late and wondered if we minded staying longer. I spoke right up and said I did as I still has stuff to do in the classroom but was on my bike and needed to beat the dark home.  Everyone else stayed. I left!)

5. You start the day invigorated!

6.  More shopping opportunities.  The things I seem to need are endless.

7.  Your students don't think of you as  "old" but as a person who bikes to work in all kinds of weather!

8. There's no getting tired during the day and skipping the workout if you want to get home.

9. You are outside and not in the gym when working out.

10. It's really fun!

(plus it keeps you sane when you are not running)

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Emily!  
I wish I was going to be with her on her birthday but I WILL be there in a little more than a week! Here's a photo from our mother/daughter win!  


Teamarcia said...

You are the coolest of cool on that bike of yours! I love #8!

Anonymous said...

#8 is a great reason!
Happy B day Emily!

Pahla said...

Happy Birth Day to you and to Emily! Love that list!!

Jamie said...

All good reasons! If I had to commute you almost have me convinced ;) Happy birthday to Emily!

Ewa said...

Good list.
Add: inspiration to your students. I am sure you are.

Amy said...

Happy birthday to Emily - October is the best month for birthdays!

Steel Springs said...

Those are great reasons! I'm glad that you're enjoying commuting by bicycle.

Anne said...

Hope you can keep commuting for many more weeks! You are an inspiration once again.

Happy Birthday to Emily :)

Marlene said...

I just zipped over to wish Emily a Happy Birthday! Too cool that you are Mom & Daughter runners AND bloggers. :)

Glad you are loving the cycle-commute. I think it would be awesome to roll my bike into the office.

Johann said...

All good reasons! I am really impressed with your biking dedication.

Alisa said...

Awesome list for bike commuters!---Especially about leaving meetings early.

Happy birthday to Emily---so awesome that you're mother/daughter bloggers

Lindsay said...

Ooh I like #4! how does it increase shopping though? More to haul around? What do you wear for the riding part? Workout clothes or teacher clothes? Just curious. I need to get back in the bike-commute habit... The gas savings were fun to add up! (ok, I'm a finance dork)

Fruit Fly said...

How did I not put it together that you and Emily were connected?? She is so freaking cute!
Happy Birthday, Emily!

And I love #8 ... very true - you can't exact get out of your work out!

Unknown said...

I love the excuse/reason to leave the meeting early, so cool! I'll swing over and give Emily a virtual b-day hug!
Have a nice weekend!

Jill said...

You are going to need studded tires soon, eh? You are such a biking studette!! I need to emai you and get caught up, I feel like I've been gone months.

LMC said...

Love #2, #8 and #9. I wish I was bold enough to commute to work on a bike. The narrow and windy roads without bikes lanes just scare me. I'll have to live vicariously through your blog.:) Thanks!

Julie said...

I love the list! Happy Birthday to Emily:)

Fran said...

Great list. My best friend who also works with me comes to work every day on her bike. For me it's a bit too far to bike and besides there are two days in a week I have to bring the dog to doggy day care.

Happy birthday to Emily.

RobinLK said...

Fantastic list! Your posts have been inspiring me to ride, and it's been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe it's time to move forward with that wish. :-) I especially like the 'leaving meetings' reason.

Happy birthday, Emily! Awesome pic!