Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working out and work!

Colleagues assume going to the gym and working out on a regular basis is easy for me because I regularly do it. NOOOOOOO! I would happily stay later at work, get more done and head straight home to relax and unwind. The days I go to the gym I do NOT look forward to running on a treadmill. I ALWAYS feel better when I am done and yes, I am glad I did it but it is not easy nor is it something I look forward to! Suggestions will be taken if you do manage to have a more positive outlook. I guess that is why I run outside on the weekends in any kind of weather. The best friend of a treadmill runner is an IPod so thank you Apple! It would be much harder without music!

Today at work I met with a parent who gave me the best compliment. Her child is new to our school but came home all excited yesterday to tell her 3 things she loved about me and how happy I made her. Yeah! The parent didn't share the 3 things (I was wishing she would, I needed a boost) but it still made my day!


Jocelyn said...

Ugh the treadmill can be a total drag. You have to get into a zone where you don't think about anything. Some days I get there right away, some days I never get there. Also think of it as you GET to run, not that you HAVE to run! Always good to pump yourself up for any work out.
So nice that you got a complement from parent. My friend is a teacher and she loves to get good feedback.

Molly said...

I'm not a huge treamill fan, but being home with my kids I have no choice but to use it sometimes. I watch tv, or use my ipod, but I love to play with the inclines and speed to keep it interesting.

I got the link to Runner Dude's blog to work, if you still want to read about how I became a runner...http://ncrunnerdude.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-running-changed-my-life-mollys.html

Suzy said...

Getting to the gym and running on a treadmill may not be the easiest thing to do, but it feels oh-so good to exercise and be done with it before going home!

BTW, consider yourself tagged. Check my blog for info.

Jess said...

The treadmill is a drag. That's why I never use one.

That's great about the feedback from the student! Those sorts of things make work so much more meaningful.