Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bliss in Vermont

Another snowy day, another fun run. It wasn't very long. I only went 4 miles and actually ran the same two twice. My friends and family worry about me on the main road so due to their worries and the snow covered roads I stayed on the "back roads." My Yak Trax allowed me to proceed slowly. My daughter wanted to know how I could possibly like running in snow storms so much when the going is so slow. She has a point, it is like running in soft sand on the beach.

Perhaps it is my second favorite type of weather to run in with crisp fall days (and easy footing) being my favorite!

I was not at my most energetic for this run regardless as I had gotten up at 3:00 to take EMily to the airport. We drove over an hour through a major snowstorm on unplowed roads. Visibility was nil but no one was on the road so we could go right down the middle. I fully expected the flight to be cancelled by the time we got there but it was not. It was the ONLY flight that left the airport. Emily was back in DC before I got home. It would have been 3 days before she could get another flight so thank you US Air!

But I had to run alone and will miss running with Emily. She pushes me and encourages me and I already miss my vacation running partner. :(


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow you are TOUGH!! We rarely get snow here. Oh I bet you miss the running buddy. Now that I have met more local runners I really love running WITH someone. Welcome to the 1,000+++ club. Full details tomorrow

Tara said...

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your pics are beautiful; I like running in the snow too, even if I do go slow. It is always a serene run. I really need to get some Yak Tracks. I bet they really do help.

You asked how long I have had a coach on my blog. I have been with her for almost a year now. She has definitely been good for me!