Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Early Morning Run

Today I got up early to go for a run but first I had to wait for it to get light. There are two reasons I needed to wait. #1 - I live in the country where there are no streetlights and it is just plain too dark and I am not a brave person. #2 - It was cold out and for some reason I feel MUCH colder in the dark. As soon as it was light I headed out. All of my outdoor runs lately have required yak trax and I thought I could get by without them. I was toasty warm as I WALKED down my driveway which should have been a huge sign to me that I was way overdressed. So two mistakes right off - no Yak Trax (it was rather slippery with a dusting of snow on the road) and too many clothes. I only went four miles as I was off work to go to a funeral. I enjoy running early in the day though so that was a real bonus. But on the way back I caught my toe and fell. The good news is I had so many clothes on I bounced right back up, not hurt at all! Next time I will dress lighter and put on the darn Yak Trax.

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