Saturday, January 9, 2010

Four Degrees and Running Friends

Four degrees above zero. That was the temperature when we started our morning run. When we returned it was a balmy 18 above. The main trouble with my regular route is the first half is "fine" and then we turn around all sweaty into a cold north wind for the return home. Today I actually felt warm and ready to remove a layer (although I NEVER do). But once we turned around I was thrilled I had made the clothing choices I had. When I get up and look at the thermometer in the morning it is not to think about whether I will run but what I will wear. My running buddy, Trish, and I head out no matter what. Today we ran 9 miles!
Trish is a great running partner. She is willing to go the distance I want as she hates to race and is rarely training for anything specifically. I wish she would race more even though she is much faster than I am and would always move me down a place in our age group! We talk about everything on our runs and "solve" all our problems. We talk about anything and everything knowing it will go no farther. Our kids are the same ages and good friends. Here is a link to my daughter's blog where she blogged about a recent run the two older "kids" took with us.
Last night I was reading my most recent Runner's World and I loved the article by Marc Parent about running with his family especially the part about his 6 year old running a mile with him. The last paragraph of the article talks about how no runner is an island. We are being watched by neighbors, co-workers....drivers passing us by. We may not realize it but we are inspiring many people who see us out there day after day, year after year. What a great thought!


Jill said...

I've never been to Vermot but it has been at the top of places to visit one day; I love all those pictures you see of quaint small towns with a steeple poking out from all those trees (Colorado has no trees. blah) ... but I'm thinking I'm going to head there in the fall, not the winter! You get way too much snow. I say this as I'm about to embark on a 15 miler with 8" of snow on the ground. This isn't normal though. Anyway, I'm babbling. Thanks for visiting my blog, you make me smile. Congrats on sticking with the run and powering through! Happy Weekend!

Emily said...

4 degrees? Gross! You and Trish look super cute. It's sunny and warming in DC. I'm hoping it stays this way for my long run tomorrow.

Tara said...

Nice 9 mile run! Especially in those temps.

I read that article as well and actually thought about it todays on my run! I had to keep reminding myself that I don't CARE who is watching me, just run!

Peggy Darling said...

Well, running with your family members is a great and special connection. Heather has been running and been in a few races . . . Today was sun-snowy-sparkly . . . I did not run, but Wayne and I went for a x-country ski on the logging trails behind the house.