Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's 10 Happy Things

I wasn't going to post today but I got tagged by Suzy at Running on My Time. I need to list 10 things that make me happy and pass it on to 10 people. I LOVE lists of all kinds so this works for me!

1. Easy - my family. My husband, daughter and son mean the world to me.
2. Running and racing - what did I used to do to get the rush I get from racing?
3. Reading - I have been a voracious reader all of my life. People ask me how I find the time to read. My question is how can you not?
4. Coffee - Bring on the flavored coffee and make sure it is piping hot!
5. A job I like as a third grade teacher. No plans to retire anytime soon.
6. The four seasons - I love living in a state with 4 seasons. I love them all and enjoy the changes - more of a chance to shop and own more clothes!
7. Which brings me to shopping - yes I love to shop!
8. My cats - I have 3 yellow kitties - all of whom are lap cats and just adorable!
9. Traveling - even if it is a short road trip with family or friends.
10. Can I say my family again? None of it means anything without them!

11. I must add EATING! As I stopped to go get a snack I wondered how I missed this the first time around! Vanilla and pumpkin are current favorite flavors..........chocolate always!

Now I need to pass this on to 10 people. I am just getting started with blogging and I don't know if I can do this. Let's give it a try though. I very well may tag someone who has already done this. Sorry if I do!

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Jill at Run With Jill.
Darlene at My First 5K blog.


Suzy said...

Love your 10 things! Reading, reading and more reading with some time for running and eating make up a good life with family.

Jocelyn said...

I love you list! :D And thanks for the tag. We never got to study Antarctic in school, but I slowly started to be fascinated by all the cruise expeditions you could go on.
I have a great cat. Aren't they they best?!

Tara said...

Thank you so much for taggin me! I was also tagged by someone else, but I would LOVE to include 10 additional items that make me happy.

I think it is great that you love your job as a teacher. Thank you for being there for the kids; I couldn't be a teacher! I wish that I loved my job.

I love having 4 seasons as well. Don't know how people in Florida and the south do it, I think that I would be bored!

Molly said...

I share so many of these with you, especially eating and flavored coffee! Thanks for the tag!

btw, I was on Runner Dude, after he asked readers to send him their stories on how they started running. He ran all different ones on Monday's for a few months, they were really inspirational.

Alisa said...

Yay shopping!

Thanks for the tag I'll probably do this next week =). Tags are so fun.

Tricia said...

There are FOUR seasons? Why don't we get that many? :)

And thanks for the tag! I'm so behind picking up blogging awards and such please excuse my tardiness.