Thursday, March 29, 2012

Many Things Thursday

1. Look at this race that is going to be in Vermont this summer!  Yowzer!  Ben and Jerry's Brain Freezer 5K.

All these flavors..........

You only have to eat ONE pint
and this is the flavor I want
waiting for me!

I have always been jealous of those of you who get to run in the Krispy Kreme 5K. It always sounded great to me.  Now I can race and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's half way! There are 3 levels of racers.  The fun racer doesn't have to eat it all. The competitor does. You can also be a supporter and not even run.  Well I'm not one for a fun race so Darn!  I am going to have eat the whole pint!  I better start training now and I don't mean for the running part.

2. My training got a little side lined with a cold. I managed to get a pace run of 6 miles and a long run of 11 miles in this weekend but Monday I stopped!  I actually stopped so much I didn't go to work.  I made my sub plans the night before at school so I slept in except I woke to an awful noise I thought was the smoke detector and got up to make sure the house wasn't burning down.  The electricity was off - kind of and there was a god awful noise coming from something. Some things were dim but not off.  Although it wasn't long before everything was off.  I can't say no electricity bothered me too much as I just stayed in bed until it came back on and I made my big move to the couch!

3. I thought of one more thing to add to my  semi whiny post ........what will I do when there isn't a black line to follow to know where I am going?  Yikes! That is a big one!

4.  At my swim lesson Tuesday night my instructor filmed me.  She wanted me to see what I was doing wrong to help me do it right. I must admit my initial reaction was: "Wow!  I can do that?" I thought I looked great. But that is because at one time I couldn't do free style AT.All.  So....  But there is truly so much still to learn and remember. I still panic when I can't breathe soon enough. I know on an intellectual level I am not going to drown but my heart doesn't always believe it.  My instructor had me out of my comfort zone many times. Now I have some drills to practice that are hard but I will give it a try.

5. My tempo run on Wednesday was TOUGH!  The last time I did almost this exact workout on an early Monday morning I wrote "effortless" next to it in my log. Today it was anything but.  I believe a lot of you think I am not a quitter but I came close on this workout.  I may have been expecting too much. I was home sick on Monday and still felt pretty lousy yesterday. Today I felt quite good especially in comparison to the previous days but apparently I wasn't all back.  I was sweating like crazy and found the fastest parts of my tempo run almost undoable.  I.Was.So.Glad.When.I.Was.Done!

6.When I got home from my workout I slung bags off several arms like a pack mule. I carefully carried a carton of eggs, a full cup of coffee and flowers  all to prevent two trips to the house from the car.  We are talking 20 feet.  Really?  Does this make sense?  I go to the gym and workout very hard but I can't make two trips from the car to the house?

7. I also got up an hour and fifty minutes late on Wednesday morning!  I made it to work on time but nothing got done. No stretching.  No coffee ( I did stop and buy some). Left a sink full of dishes which I hate!  No reading the paper.  No prepping dinner.  No casual morning on my non swimming morning.  But I have to think I really needed the extra sleep.

8.  Friday I get up very very early but that is okay because I am getting up oh so very early to get on a plane and fly to DC to see my girl, do lots of catching up, eating out, running, gawking and race/run in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!!!  No goals for this race. I am going to run as much as I possibly can ahead of it and I am going to take scads of pictures during it and I am going to have fun!!!

9. I just looked up the course of the race and it is on my very favorite running spots including part of my very own DC route!

10.  Friday I go to DC!


Amy said...

Have a great trip to DC - good luck in the Cherry Blossom race - I'm sure you and Emily will have an awesome time together!

And a Ben & Jerry's race??? OMG!

Char said...

I'd love to do that Ben and Jerry's race with you. And being lactose-intolerant, I could be a little turbo-charged after eating the ice cream.

Fran said...

Have a great trip Andrea. Look forward to some beautiful cherry blossom pics.

That Ben & Jerry's race sounds fun. I would choose to be the fun runner because I don't like icecream that much. However the B&J strawberry cheesecake .... yum!

Anonymous said...

6:45 in the morning and now you have me craving ice cream :D. I will e at Cherry Blossom too. Have a great race and fun time exploring the city!

Kate Geisen said...

An ice creamrace would be WAY better than a donut race!

I think the more you swim, the less you'll get that face in the water panic. That comfort in the water is growing all the time.

I hear you about the tough run. I ran last night for the first time since LBL. It wasn't pretty.

Have a WONDERFUL trip to DC!! :)

Kandi said...

I always try to only make one trip from the car as well. It made a lot more sense when I lived in a 3rd story apartment, but now I'm in a house and I park out front. haha.
Enjoy your time in DC! Hopefully the weather will stay nice for you.

Molly said...

how the heck did you sleep so late? I agree, you must have needed it, and that it would be a good idea to start Ben & Jerry training. Have a great time this weekend!

Darlene said...

Have fun in DC. I so want to do that race (& I won't even need to train.)

christa said...

I too make try to make one weighed down pack mule trip into the house and I park in the garage that is attached to the house so I don't even have to go back outside.
I don't think I can eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's and then run again. Have a wonderful time in DC!!


Have a great trip! I think I need to come race that 5k, sounds like my kind of event!

Katie said...

yes, I think I need to come to this race as well. although where is the chubby hubby???

Marlene said...

I would love to do the Krispy Kreme AND Ben & Jerry's races! Wish we had those around here.

Hope you are feeling back to 100%!

Ransick said...

The ice cream race sounds fun if you don't race it.

Had to chuckle at number 6. When I get a front row spot at the Y to go in and kick my butt, I find it ironic but park there anyway :-)

Have fun in DC!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Cookie Dough is about my favorite flavor too. Now I'm the one who wishes I had a local race like that.

Enjoy DC!

Liz said...

You really do have some great and unusual races in the US!

Lindsay said...

that ben and jerry's race is awesome. you should definitely do it! good luck with the "training" :)

hope the cherry blossom is going/went well and that you're having a fun weekend with emily!