Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday Maybe

1.  The bag lady.  That  is what I could have been called today. It was ridiculous how many bags I had to bring in from my car when I got home.  No, I had not been grocery shopping and I did not have a pocketbook.

I had:

  • my swimming bag from my swim this morning
  • my wet bag for my wet swim things
  • my bag of clothes etc. I left at school yesterday as it was too much to carry on the bike
  • my bag of clothes for biking today after going to the dentist
  • my school bag
  • my bag full of misc. stuff I might need 
  • my library bag since I needed to return and of course get new books
2.  If you want to become a faster runner biker bike with someone faster than you.  I biked with my speedy friend today and although I was closer to her on my road bike she still killed me on the hills. But I worked hard to keep up or not be too far behind and it was a GREAT ride. I had my best pace of the  year even though it was quite hilly.  We went 20 miles which was a great thing to do after a dentist appointment.  But I did like that both the dental hygienist and my dentist seemed to be very interested in my whole triathlon pursuit.  Trouble is now more people know about it.  I had carried in my bag of biking clothes so I could change there and the hygienist commented that she thought I was  a runner. Well yes and guess what?  I am also a biker and a swimmer - sort of!  Turns out she is a swimmer and had a lot of admiration for my attempt to complete a triathlon.  She had lots of good questions only some of which I knew the answers to.

3.  Guess what came in the mail last week while I was on vacation?  My wet suit. At least I think that is what it is as I haven't opened it.  Opening it makes it all more real and the whole wet suit thing is the worst of all the things I dread/obsess/dream about.  I should try it on but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

And look.......there is another package that has something to do with this upcoming triathlon.  Who knew it was going to require more stuff that cost money. I guess there is no backing out now as I hate throwing good money away.

4.  Yeah, I figured there might be more than 3.  This weekend I have a half marathon that I've been kind of ignoring in my mind other than thinking it was going to interfere with my biking. I think I may have overdone it this spring/early summer with 3 half marathons close together while also getting ready for a tri.  


2 Slow 4 Boston said...

That's a lot of bags. Maybe you need one big bag to hold the smaller bags, then you could walk around like Santa Clause with his bag of toys. Now you have a wet suit. I'm sure you're looking forward to trying it out, but there's one more thing for you to carry. Just sayin.

HappyTrails said...

Ok, inquiring minds are curious - HOW in the world could you resist opening a package from UPS, FedEx, or Mr. Mailman for a WHOLE week despite knowing it was your dreaded wetsuit??? A poor, neglected, unopened parcel is almost blasphemous!!! :-)

Michelle said...

I think the bags are directly related to the teachers in us. We are bag ladies by nature...throw athlete into the mix and geesh!
I'm doing the cycling this weekend on the tri. I'm nervous...not my forte, but...
Congrats to Em on the big PR! HUGE PR! I told her she would LOVE Eugene. Now, when are you coming out this way???

Kate Geisen said...

Too funny, all your bags!

I totally agree about the fast friends. Almost everyone I train with is faster than I am. It makes me work harder, plus, I get better endurance, because by the time I catch up with them at the turns they're ready to go again!

Open the package!!

P.S. I'm already freaking out about this race. I'm an idiot for signing up. I also can't wait.

Char said...

Women always end up as pack horses don't they?

Good luck with this weekend's half marathon. It'd be nice if you could emulate Emily's successes of last week - but no pressure :)

Fran said...

And I thought bringing 2 bags to work everyday was a lot :)

You won't back out on the tri, that's just not you!

I'm very careful with the races I plan. Last year I signed up for a lot and didn't do a lot either. Luckily entering fees aren't that expensive here. But it still is a waiste of money if I don't go. That's why I don't do many races this year. I'd rather run 1 good one than 3 bad ones.

Johann said...

Haha, I sometimes feel like the bag guy and I only run. You are into this tri thing completely for sure. I think it is great!

christa said...

I am always the bag lady. I'm a little scared about the half on SUnday

middleagedrunner said...

Haha I often feel like a bag lady!
Gotta be prepared for anything and everything...
I totally agree that one needs to find a speedy friend and try to keep up- the fear of embarassment is enough to keep me going...!

Ewa said...

Funny about the bags. My car is filled with them, and add to that the cooler with my food for the day since I am never at home for lunch and I refuse to eat out.
One thing though I will never do. I will never leave my packages unopened. That is just not humane, if you ask me.
Have a great half.

Christi said...

I used to be the bag lady at work. I always had to have my lunch bag, gym bags and my computer bag. It was great!

Congrats on your speedy bike ride!

Have a great weekend!

Giorgio said...

Good luck on your half marathon!
Have a nice weekend!

Tara said...

I bike with my husband (or I did before I became preggo) and he KILLS me half the time, but it has definitely made me a stronger runner.

Yay on the new wetsuit!

Good luck this weekend.

PS-I am an uber slow swimmer and it has gotten way worse since I am pregnant. :)

Karen said...

I can relate to being a bag lady! It seems like it takes way to long to load and unload the car with all my "needs" for the day - gym bag, laptop for work, lunch, etc., etc.

I am so behind on blog reading - I have to catch up with everyone this weekend - I am double commenting... So excited about Emily's race time - she is ridiculously speedy :)

on the tri suit... Wear it under the wetsuit. Open the box!!! :)

Cinthia said...

Open the wetsuit--now! The suspense is killing me.
Good luck in your half.

Anonymous said...

Haha I totally understand all the bags!!! I always have a ton in my car between work, softball, the gym and my other job!

Ransick said...

I have an exterra wet suit as well. Some wet suit advice.

1. Take your time putting it on. It is difficult to do.
2. You really want to pull it up as much as possible so there is some room for your shoulders by the time you get there. That means pulling it up your calves and thighs as much as possible.
3. The zipper goes in the back. That why the cord is so long :-)

Ransick said...

I should add that I put my suit on backwards the first time and couldn't out why the zipper had such a long cord on it :-).

Black Knight said...

Wet suit, now you are ready for open-water races.
My first one will be in late june but who knows if I plan something before?

Kandi said...

I am looking forward to you opening that wetsuit box!