Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Running Video - Soft Foods (Excitement plus) Tri Sports, A Dinner Invite

1. What do you do when you are home on the couch recovering from oral surgery?  Watch You Tube videos.  Here is one I particularly liked and it's not very long.

I spent some time trying to embed the video right in the post with no luck. Oh well.

2. I have progressed in my short recovery time from cool or warm temperature liquids to very soft foods to less soft foods but I am stuck here for a few (5?) days.  Do you know how much not being able to eat something makes me want it?  I am  going to need to get creative on what is a soft food.  And this puts a whole new spin on Mother's Day!  So far not much pain but am I fooling myself and it is going to appear like crazy later?  I elected not to fill my pain prescription and try sticking to Advil instead.

*****Warning Warning**** This part may have TMI
 Pain medication aside from everything else constipates me.  If I get constipated I panic.  If things get too bad there is too much straining involved and blood comes into the story. When I see blood on stools I super panic even if there is a reason for it as colon cancer is in my family history.  It's what my mom died of at a way too young age.  So I try not to take pain medication.

3.  I did find out I can bike and run sooner - much sooner than I thought. He said if I am not taking strong pain medication I can go for it. I will wait until Saturday and see what happens with the swelling but if all is going well I plan to be out there on Saturday. I cannot swim until he sees me again which is not for 10 days I believe.  I intended to get up and swim this morning (as I always do - I just needed to be finished sooner) but I COULD NOT GET OUT OF BED.  My bag was packed and everything. But honestly. I was exhausted last night - and perhaps a little nervous - so I set my alarm for not swimming and thought if I woke up early and wanted to go I would. Well that didn't happen. I am feeling a little (but not  too much) guilty since now I can't swim for awhile. I had my last swimming lesson and wanted to practice while it was fresh in my mind but let's face it. I'm not becoming a fast swimmer anytime soon. Swimming this morning was not going to make a big difference in my tri and sleeping in was going to make a difference in my approaching this oral surgery. So I chose the saner path.

I am glad to be done my swim lessons.  I feel I learned a lot but I have a lot of hurdles to cross.  Getting my face fully into the water is a biggie, kicking stronger, pulling straighter, and more. But I am going to be ABLE to swim the distance needed in my tri even if I am last and I am going to continue to swim. I love it as a form of staying fit and would like to be better at it. I had no idea it was so hard.  There are some good things I do naturally now but man there are so many I don't. I am amazed when I read peoples' swimming times on Daily MIle and in blogs. I don't think when I say I am slow they could comprehend how slow I am.  But I am going to prepare myself to have fun - YES FUN - in my tri and be oh so proud when I complete it.  I am sorry to tell you this isn't the last you'll hear about this as it is very much on my mind. I hope to do 3 tris this summer. I am not signing up for any more halves than the two I already have so I can concentrate on the tris. And that means I can do a lot of biking this summer! I will be in heaven!  Heaven!

And now I have to go to pick out my outfit before this guy
 picks me up to go to George Clooney's tonight.  I hope they are serving some soft foods.

 Look what I just found on my steps.  A package. I opened it within 3 minutes for those of you are so horrified over how long I take to open packages.  I didn't know what was in it and I was curious.

It was sunscreen I got from Gear? with half off.  So look at that! Already opened.  Could be because I could tell there was nothing in it I would have to try on!


Ewa said...

This time seriously about soft food. Anything you like you can pulverize in a food processor. Hope you will heal fast.
Loved the video. Shared it on FB. :)

Ewa said...

OK, OK, I am impressed that you actually opened the package so soon. I really am.

Char said...

I'd go with scrambled eggs for Mother's Day breakfast and maybe a milkshake or smoothy. I totally get what you mean by wanting the things that you can't have. Once I found out I couldn't have lactose all I wanted was cheese and ice cream and chocolate.

Liz said...

Eek - hope you recover from the surgery soon. Good job on opening your package! Soon you'll be ripping things open within seconds of delivery!

Kandi said...

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I didn't really need my pain medication so maybe you will be the same! My mom forced me to take it the first two days but then I convinced her I didn't need it so I could drive my car (I was 17 at the time) and I never had pain.
Swimming is hard and I am a little nervous about my upcoming tri. Part of my nervousness comes from my lack of swim practice/training. I am not sure I can comfortably swim with my face in the water in the lake with a bunch of other people splashing around me. 3 more weeks!!! Yikes!
I would LOVE it if RDJ picked me up for dinner. Did you see Avengers?
I laughed when you called me a brat in WWF. haha.

Teamarcia said...

I knocked my teeth out in a biking accident (ever wonder why I'm dragging my feet on this duathlon?)and scrambled eggs and smoothies are the way to go. Glad the surgery is over!

Jill said...

Ick, I hope you recover quickly from the surgery and can get back to normal foods soon. No fun....except for the milkshakes and smoothies :). Mashed potatoes are yummy, too.

Happy Weekend and Momma's Day!! :)

Marlene said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery and can get back to eating all of your favourite foods soon! Enjoy the hiatus from swimming, the pool will be waiting. :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Hope you feel better soon and can get out there and have fun running and riding soon, too!

Black Knight said...

The oral surgeries are always painful and a bit long to recover. I hope you get well soon.
Glad to read that your swimming is improving.