Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Field Trip, A Bike Ride and A Swim

Monday we went on a great field trip. We really lucked out because it was a gorgeous day and today it poured all day long. We went to the Maritime Museum on Lake Champlain.  It's a museum rich with New England history centered around Lake Champlain.  Here is a description from their web site.

LCMM has something for all interests and ages. Step aboard replica 1776 gunboatPhiladelphia II docked at our scenic Lake Champlain waterfront. Explore some of the lake's 300+ historic shipwrecks in our Nautical Archaeology Center and chat with nautical archaeologists at our Conservation Laboratory. Learn what made this area so pivotal to Benedict Arnold's fleet during the American Revolution in our Key to Liberty exhibit. Discover the lives of the Native Americans and the early French explorers in the Contact of Cultures exhibit.LCMM’s replica 1862 schoonerLois McClure travels to ports throughout the region. Highlights of LCMM’s collection of canoes, kayaks, and wooden boats are on display in the new Hazelett Watercraft Center. Learn about some of the 26 steamboats of Lake Champlain, the historic Champlain Bridge, and see our collection of more than 50 vintage outboard motors from the late Raymond R. Unsworth in ourr Steam to Gasoline exhibit.

When I asked the kids about their favorite parts they surprised me. I thought they would all say the Philadelphia but many kids said the blacksmith (who mostly talked at them - who knew they could be so interested in talking - they never show me that), a reenactment video made at the museum which btw had the blacksmith in it and the Philadelphia. Someone tried to say lunch but I don't let them get away with that. Here are a few pictures. Could be the Philadelphia was MY favorite!  The guy running this part was great and knew just how to engage overactive boys!

When I got home the day was still gorgeous so I took my inaugural clipped in bike ride. It was mostly a success. I love being clipped in.  I never had to stop but I really wanted to practice clipping in and out so I made myself stop a few times. At one of the stops I took a picture of the beaver dam below.   I did very well until I got home. I went to clip out and unclipped my left foot. Then I unclipped my right foot but in the meantime my left foot clipped back in. I didn't know this and when I went to put that foot on the ground - NOPE - it was now clipped in so down I went. I am guessing it won't be my only fall but I am hoping it won't be one of many.  

Tonight I had my last swimming lesson. I am happy to be done as they made Tuesdays very hectic. I also need to practice a lot of the stuff I have learned on my own.  I do feel I have learned a ton but I don't feel it has sped me up any.  I don't know why I can't get my kick to be stronger. It's not like I never use my legs.  But my kick remains pitiful. When I do increase it I get out of breath. Tonight with the kickboard between my legs I "flew" down the lane!  If only that would happen without it.  But I will keep trying and eventually.............who knows what will happen.


HappyTrails said...

The clipping in and out will become a no-brainer, second nature thing before you know it. You won't even have to think about it. Loved the beautiful pics of the field trip - sounds really interesting and such a lovely area to spend the day! I won't comment on the swimming b/c I can't swim at all!

Kate Geisen said...

That field trip looks fantastic! Can we go there when I visit? :)

I love clipping in, too. It totally makes me feel like part of the club. Not to mention how much more efficient it is. Still, that feeling when your foot isn't where you thought it would be is no fun.

Ransick said...

Instead of trying to kick more, think of trying to swim horizontal. That's what the kick board does for you. That means pressing your chest in to the water so your legs rise.

Yep, clipping in results in falls. Just tuck your arms and land on your shoulders so you don't break a wrist or elbow.

Funny memory on the beaver dam pic. Do you know what beavers eat? I always figured fish or why would you build a dam? Lost a bet while fishing a couple years ago and learned they eat wood. Go figure.

Fran said...

Sounds like a great and interesting field trip Andrea.

Good that you practice clipping on and off, you don't want to fall in a race.

I'm sure that you swim better than you think. We have the habit looking at ourself more critic than others do.

middleagedrunner said...

You really have the coolest adventures :-)
Great field trip- so interesting!
Loved the pic of the dam, I run by a much, much smaller version quite often and am impressed by it!
Good luck with the swimming and biking (oh, and running!) Have I mentioned that you are pretty much my fitness hero!!??

Johann said...

Great day all round it seems. I love good field trips but it seems there are more bad ones than good ones here. You are very brave with the clipping and all...respect. One of my items on a very very long wish list is to see a beaver dam in the wild.

Liz said...

As someone with no experience of it, I'd love to know why clipping onto the pedals is so much better than 'normal' cycling?

That field trip sounds great!

Giorgio said...

What an interesting place! I'd like to visit it!

Char said...

No one changes over to clipless peddles without having at least one fall. Or so I've heard - I don't even cycle.

Ewa said...

I wish I went on that field trip with you.

So you had your mandatory fall, now you are a true biker. :)

Black Knight said...

As a sailor I love those pictures.