Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Thoughts While Biking

Getting ready to go

I haven't ridden in 10 days. This feels great!  Blue skies, great temperature, Vermont!

Why does everyone hate Route 7?  Yes, there is a lot of traffic but the shoulder is super wide and vehicles are not near you at all.

What just brushed against my arm?
Roads go by this house on 3 sides and there
is no fourth side. It is a tiny tiny plot
of land.

That triangle used to be empty.  Why would anyone build a house there?  There is hardly any land and you are surrounded closely by the road on 3 sides.  Aside from the aesthetics it would be noisy.  You could become famous by virtue of an automobile crashing into your house.

I remember one time when I did this ride way back before I had children. I wasn't feeling well and I had a doctor's appointment.  I was afraid he would tell me not to ride.  So what did I do?  I rode 30 miles before the appointment.  What was wrong with me?  Pneumonia. 

Was that poisonous parsnip that brushed my arm?

Here's the lake. I love this lake with the mountain so close by.

I hope I don't get lost on the southeast corner.

Is that a rash on my arm?

That doesn't look  like my turn.  Hmm. I think I missed it but I love this downhill. I bet I can find an alternate way. (This was the southwest corner, not the one I was worried about.)
Yeah, that gorilla holding a small car is
pretty unmistakable. I knew exactly where I

Why is there a car dealership in the middle of nowhere?

Oh, there isn't. I am back on Route 7.  Crap.  Back up that hill.

This road was easier to go down than it is to head up it.

The back side of the lake is quiet and pretty.

Okay, I turn here I think.  Now I turn again.  Is this another turn to head back up the east side?  That mailbox says, "Lake Dunmore Road."  I think I've got it.

There are a lot of strange road signs.  Triangle, square, circle.  What does it look like on that road?

If your child didn't want to go to camp and give you a little me time, this camp might convince them.

Is that a rash on my arm?

I like these back roads.  This river is quite picturesque even if it isn't my river.

I've stopped for one of my snacks.  What the heck, why not have two?

Is that a rash on my arm?

What a ride!  34 miles at an easy pace on a great day works for me!  And my arm looks just fine.


A Prelude To... said...

So Awesome!! I loved this LOTS!

MCM Mama said...

Looks like a lovely area to bike! I'm so jealous.

christa said...

yeah, that house is weird on Lake Dunmore. I knew where you were as soon as I saw it.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I guess that since it's Vermont, there isn't a ton of land to build on so you take what you can find.

Kate Geisen said...

Beautiful ride! Your thoughts were pretty funny. I'm not all that steady on my road bike, so it always freaks me out to feel something hit me and not know what it is, bc I'm afraid to look or try and brush it away. Glad you escaped the wrath of the poisonous parsnip...for now!

Char said...

So what IS the rash on your arm?

I love that you rode before the doctor's appointment so you wouldn't have to miss out or disobey his directives.

LookingUpAgain said...

Every time I see a biker-lady....and poisonous parsnip...I think of you! Glad you're back on your wheels :)

Amy said...

Just catching up - looks like you had a great visit with Emily, in spite of the heat. But at least you have nice temperatures to welcome you back home!

Liz said...

That is so funny that you cycled before your appointment, and then found out you had pneumonia! Some people might call that crazy behaviour, but your readers and fellow fitness freaks know otherwise!

Giorgio said...

What a beautiful river! The landscape of the the lake is nice too!
You're back on your two wheels through a wonderful environment :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE THE NEW HEADER! How did you ever get it so that you were the only one in front of it?? :)

I hope it's not poisonous parsnip! As always, pics are fab and I would totally not want to live in that house... Congrats on the ride!

Fran said...

This was a fun post!

I'm glad the arm is fine :)

Johann said...

Nice post!I'm wondering about building on that triangle now. Love the lake, it looks very peaceful.

Karen said...

Fun post! glad there was no rash ;)

Marlene said...

Hahaha, love all the random thoughts! Glad you enjoyed the ride!!

Kandi said...

I enjoyed all your random thoughts. Glad it wasn't a rash! And is camp cupcake for sale? Sounds like an awesome place.

Lindsay said...

Haha. Loved the play-by-play of random thoughts. I usually don't remember my thoughts by the time I get home :( glad your arm is ok. And yikes on the pre-pneumonia ride. Think you'd still do that again today?

Jill said...

Cute, love it!! Glad you didn't have a rash on your arm...and I'm going to camp cupcake next year!!

Sabrina Hayes said...

Found your blog looking for a review on the iFitness belt and when I saw the outbreak from the wild parsnip, I knew I had to follow your blog!! HaHa!

Great entry. Glad your arm is OK and I love love love your pix!!! Nice to meetcha!

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