Friday, August 5, 2011

A Longer Run DC Style

When I run at home it is beautiful but I rarely never do a complete loop.  I do on my bike but not running. It appears to me that one can not only run a loop easily in DC of many different lengths but that there are many choices.
The instructor with the mostest!

I started out this morning by going to Emily's spin class.  I have not been to spinning in perhaps 3 years.  I like it but never am sure how to set up my bike and will there be a bike available and will I have to be up front and does the class start at a time that works for get it.  But I couldn't say no to going to Emily's spin class.  (The person at the front desk wanted to say no to me going to Emily's spin class but we'll skip that story.) It was a great 40  minute workout (first I had to run back "home" to get my license to be able to get through the door - attend her class).  If I lived in DC I'd be there every Friday because she rocks! Good music, good pace, hard workout, clear directions.  The Best!
As I approached the first bridge I decided to go across it

Then I went for a run on my own.  I was going to do the same loop we did yesterday but I extended it a bit to include one of my favorite sections.  I ran over the bridge by the Lincoln Memorial into Virginia. I just tried to find out the name of the bridge to no avail.  I realized I should have crossed it on the DC end as getting across all those roads on the Virginia side is a rather large loop and even then I may have jay walked a bit just bit before Arlington Cemetery. (That is actually the second crime I have committed since I got here.  I didn't pay for a bag in CVS as I punched no bags on self checkout and then I changed my mind and took one.  Oops. Didn't know they charged for them. )
Looking back across the river

Eventually I was looking across the Potomac at Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial which is where I was headed.  Then I went back across the next bridge.
Watching a plane take off - something I NEVER see while
running at home.

Running back to DC.

 I knew I could fill my water bottle (yes, I brought one today) at the Jefferson Memorial which was a welcome thought. Once I got there I used the very clean rest room, talked to the very nice lady in the gift shop where I bought post cards and regrouped.  I find the best postcards there and they are only $.50.  I have one student who is eagerly awaiting a postcard so I tried to pick one out he would like.

What is my favorite part of the Jefferson Memorial?

  Then I continued on my way eventually past the Washington Monument and the White House.  I love running past all of these monuments and memorials. I have said it before........I never get sick of it!

I particularly love this section.

Now last spring after a race this is where I got lost.  Did I get lost today?  Yes and no. I did not go back the way Em showed me yesterday but at the same time I did have a general idea and knew I was going in the right direction.  I did ask a couple people to make sure I was still headed the right way and YUP I was.  I may have done a little circle at the end I didn't need to but hey I got there.  Plus I found the trail I wanted in the beginning with no problem whatsover.

Random Thoughts





A Few Additional Thoughts

The first time I came here it was October and just beginning to get cool - by no means cold.  I was amazed at the number of people I saw wearing down jackets, not just jackets but thick down jackets! I wondered what they would do when winter came to stay warm.

Now I am here in what I think is very hot weather. I understand that it is not as hot as it has been and I believe that because I can stand it BUT I am still amazed at clothing choices.  I get that many people are dressed for work and have to be dressed a certain way.  But there are so many people in black and so many many people in jeans.  In my opinion there is nothing hotter than jeans.  Apparently your blood really must get thinner as you live closer to the equator.

One more additional thought - I dislike it when people talk loudly in a public place like everyone wants to part of and hear their conversation.  Lady in the green shirt and white shorts - I don't want to be involved in your conversation or know your thoughts on everything.  


Kandi said...

That bridge behind the Lincoln Memorial is called Memorial Bridge. Funny thing is that I crossed it today on my run too but we turned back right away. When we do long runs in DC before work we often do a loop similar to what you described. I think the bridge you came back in on is the 14th street bridge.
I wore jeans today - heh. But in my defense, the train I ride into work is very well air conditioned, as is my office. I was cold for a portion of today while I was inside. I was wearing my running gear when I was outside though so I didn't spend much time outside in my jeans.
When I was keeping an eye out for you yesterday, I was checking out people's clothing choice and was highly amused by some of them, but I was mostly checking out the style.

Kate Geisen said...

My poor husband works outside every day, in what lately has been ridiculous heat. Day after day of 100+ temps, and he has to wear jeans on the job. Meanwhile, the office people can wear shorts if the temperature goes about 95. Isn't that crazy? Me, I don't think I've worn a pair of pants (maybe capris) since the weather first started warming. Skirts or shorts for me.

I love the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. Such beautiful buildings. And what fun to get to be a part of Emily's class--sounds like you had to go to some effort to do so!

We have to be back at school Aug. 15. Kids start the 17th. I've started going to work in my classroom, but it's sure coming slowly.

Marlene said...

Looks like you are having fun doing some exploring - what a gorgeous place to run! Awesome that you got to attend Emily's spin class too!

Richelle said...

DC looks like a fabulous place to run... always something interesting to see! I think it's great that you're thinking of your students while you're on vacation. I hope that one student of yours likes the postcard you picked out!

Amy said...

Heat and cold - it's all about what you're used to, isn't it? Watch out with breaking the law - one more and it might qualify as a crime spree! ;-)
Anyway, glad you are having such a great trip and thanks for sharing your pictures!

Char said...

You must feel so patriotic and proud of your country when you run past such impressive edifices.

Jennifer said...

Looks to me like you are having a great time and making the best of the great location. I have been to DC many times but never to run. I so want to do it now thanks to you! Cheers! Stay cool!

misszippy said...

You are apparently a trouble maker while in DC! ; )

Beautiful running. Yes, it's not too hot yet today, but the humidity is building back up in typical fashion. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

And to answer your question about whether or not I've been to Tetons/Yellowstone before, no, so I am really excited!

HappyTrails said...

You have been busy - we have to catch up on all things AJH!!! Cool going to class with Em. Glad you enjoy DC as big cities are less than appealing to us :)) Don't you love it when someone is on the phone in a public area and you HAVE TO listen to their entire conversation???

Christina said...

Love D.C. Thanks for taking pictures!

Jeans is DEFINITELY hotter than anything. Even the thin ones are still too thick! I like skirts, dresses, shorts and linen pants in the summer. Way cooler. :)

LookingUpAgain said...

Great job on that spin class :) Enjoy DC! I miss visiting there. My aunt and uncle moved away almost 10 years ago and I haven't been back. I'll need to go soon!

Johann said...

This is lovely! Thanks for all the pics! Great that you could attend Emily's class.

Suzy said...

I haven't been to a spin class in a year or two but I think going to one of Emily's would be awesome. I hope your vacation was wonderful.

Fran said...

What a beautiful run! I always run in a loop, I don't like out and back runs because I don't want to run the same road twice in 1 run.

Here in Holland people "undress" as soon as the first sunshine comes out in Spring which I personally don't like and don't do. Besides that when it's hot in Summer people dress so poorly in so little clothes that they probably don't know how idiotic they look. We're not a nation known to be the best dressers in the world :)