Monday, August 15, 2011

My Top Ten Running Essentials

  I am copying from Forward Foot Strides My Top Ten Running Essentials.
These 10 are in no particular order.

1. I have been using Brooks Adrenaline for many years and absolutely consider them an essential.

2. Another running essential is my Ipod especially when I am on the treadmill.  It would be deadly without it. The Ipod allows me to get through a workout on the treadmill.

3. I love and am very dependent on my Garmin.  When my last one  wasn't working I missed it!  I am very anal about knowing how far I have run or biked.  I also like knowing my lap paces for running. (Although as you know this failed me recently.)

4. I have to have a hat due to my excessive sweating!  I seem to have accumulated quite a collection and variety of hats. I love the breathable ones and the ones with a zipper pocket to put a key in.  This is my Marine Corps Marathon hat that Emily got me one year. It is a real favorite.
5. I have to have peanut butter toast before a long run or especially before a race.  That is why it didn't go as well at my 10K on Saturday!  Now I know!
A fun race with my hubby

Having an outstanding time at VCM with

A race at which Emily and I won the mother/daughter
division! Woot Woot!

6. 7. 8. My family.  They are essential in many ways. My  husband doesn't complain about the time I spend running and racing.  In fact I hear him brag about me.  Although he doesn't like it when I can't do the recycling on Saturdays because I am racing!  Emily and Jameson are terrific running supports, partners, encouragers, cheerleaders. I could go on and on.  Running and racing with them is the BEST!

9. Health - one running essential is to be injury free and a smart runner who listens to her body.
I'm trying!

10.  Beautiful scenery
I am absolutely a runner who needs to spend time running in beautiful places. It can be at home, by the ocean, around a lake, it doesn't matter but I need to spend a large part of my time running where it is just plain pretty.  I'm sure some of you will disagree with the snowy pics as being beautiful but they really work for me!

What are your top ten running essentials?  Do any of these work for you?
I am thinking at some point I will have to do my top ten biking essentials!


Jennifer said...

This is a great post! I should do it to but it would probably look just like yous but with different pictures!

Unknown said...

Wonderful post. I'm glad you included your health and beautiful scenery in your essentials list :-)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I am with you on all but the last point. I rarely look around when I am running, and remember nothing when I am racing or running hard. I know, sad:)

The Jesse said...

what a great list & post idea :)
thanks for sharing!

i would be lost without my garmin too --- i just have to know my distance/pace :)

Q said...

Awesome! I totally overlooked it in my post, but my hat is so important during my runs too - in the summer so the top of my head doesn't burn, and in winter so my ears don't freeze off!

Kandi said...

Great list! I agree with most. I don't wear Brooks though and I rarely run with music - sometimes on the treadmill if I remember it. I have never run with a hat on but it's something to consider.
One other essential I'll add is Body Glide. I need it for long runs!

JenCreates098 said...

I don't know if I have run long enough to know what is essential...good post for thought!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Totally with you on 1-4 and of course family!!! This was a really cool post!

Suzy said...

Great list of 10!! Shoes, garmin, something for my hair (sometimes a hat), and family all resonate with me.

Jenn said...

EVERY one of these on my essential list except maybe the last one since I have VERY little option here. Just not pretty.....Love Brooks. My favorite running brand!

Jill said...

Aside from the snow, I think we could be twinsies!! Well, I DO run in the snow but I don't particularly enjoy it ;).

I've been w/o internet for a few days so missed your 10K, off to go read now.

Ewa said...

If I run in a beautiful place, it seems I don't need anything else.
Love this post.

Darlene said...

Great post - agree with most except the peanut butter,

Patrick Mahoney said...

I''m in total agreement with the following exceptions:

1, but only halfway because the sentiment seems to be that if it isn't broke don't fix it. For me it's Newton.

6,7,8 only because I only have two family members. Mine would be 6 & 7 making "9" into "8" and "10" into "9". Now I just have to think of a 10. I might go peanut butter twice.

Kate Geisen said...

In no particular order...

1. Peanut butter on a whole wheat bagel. Yum.

2. Ipod, definitely.

I'm still in "coveting the Garmin" mode. I make do with the stopwatch on my iPhone.

NOT my shoes. I mean, I definitely need shoes to run, but I'm quite convinced the ones I wear on the roads aren't the right ones for me.

3. Good sports bra.

4. Friends to run with (not essential, but a big plus)

5. New challenges to inspire me

6. Blog friends to listen to me ramble.

7. Health

8. Braids in my's long enough that it becomes a gigantic tumbleweed if it's in a ponytail

9. Shorts that don't ride up

10. be determined

Your comment today made me laugh. It's not that hard, just time consuming finding the right pictures. Even so, I laughed the whole time I was writing it. :)

Char said...

Nice post! I totally agree with all of your top ten. My husband's the same - never complains about my running (or the copious amounts of money that I spend on it) and is happy to brag about me.

Fran said...

Fun post!

We have the same love for the Brooks Adrenaline shoes.
Things on your list I can’t do without are: the Ipod, the Garmin, I eat a peanutbutter sandwich for long runs too and the health.

Unfortunately the scenery round my hometown isn’t that pretty to me, that’s why I love to do races somewhere else. My family (except for my hub and Mom) isn’t very supportive about my running, they just don’t care about it, always busy with themselves.

I use a hat when it rains of when there’s a lot of sun during the day, otherwise I use a bondi band.

Fran said...

Oh and what I forget: it doesn't matter that family doesn't care, I've got my supportive blogger friends :)

Anne said...

I loved reading this...I agree with every single one (except I use almond butter on a bagel :)).

Laura said...

Great list! I often forget to list my friends/fam as essential running items...but they are.

Giorgio said...

A peanut butter toast seems good. I have never had it! Before a race I always have dry dates.
What beautiful photos especially the one of you with Emily :-)

Have nice runs!

RunToTheFinish said...

ok totally stealing this idea as well :) love that 6 7 8 were family that is so friggin cute!!

scenery, amen!

Marlene said...

Great list!! I love that you get to run with your family - so jealous.

Amy said...

Great post! It makes me want to get another running hat - with a pocket!

Lindsay said...

Fun post idea! May have to borrow it... If I can even remember how to run/what I need to run ;) #9 health/ability is a big one we tend to take for granted sometimes!

Being Robinson said...

beautiful scenery sure never hurts a run, i love all your pictures. great post! i agree on all of your essentials, i have to add my dog in mine though!

Richelle said...

You and I have many of the same ones!