Sunday, March 24, 2013

Swim Swim Swim Swim RUN Swim Books

Yes I snuck a run in there!  Yesterday I used the treadmill to do 4 miles. I would walk half a mile and run half a mile. So I ran 2 miles. I was going to try running again today but my daughter advised me to wait a day so wait I did.  It felt fine when I was doing it but it also did 3 weeks ago when it turned out not to be fine.  I could tell after  that I had done more than I have been doing.  My test today was my swim.  Three weeks ago, it was when I was swimming that I realized I wasn't ready for running.  My kick hurt a lot, certainly more than it had been hurting previously. So I stopped running completely. Today when I swam after running yesterday it felt no differently than it has been feeling!  Yay!  I can feel a little soreness when I swim but not much.  So I am proceeding cautiously, NOT full speed ahead.
When I am on the TM I am slower than usual too. It is what feels right for now.
I hope to be outside running soon.

My swims went well.  I managed to do 4 miles this week which is amazing to me.  I went to the Edge complete with hot tub twice and the crowded local pool twice although I get there early enough to have a good spot.  I was getting a little tired of all the swimming so I am glad I can put some running in now.

And I took my bike to my bike shop for a tune up so soon I will be ready for that. Although I may be ready but the weather here is not. Snow and cold, snow and cold!  Where is spring?

On a non exercise note are you an electronic book reader or an old fashioned book reader?  I love my electronics when it comes to my Iphone, lap top, Garmin, I pod etc.  But I really love books.  I was thinking about it today when I was using the hot tub. I wouldn't want to bring my Kindle into the hot tub.  I do have a Kindle but I use it mostly for traveling.

There are many things I live about real books:

  • I like the covers. I often judge a book by it's cover and that is hard to do with a Kindle.
  • I like to see what other people are reading.  
  • I like to look at my books all colorful and pretty in a bookcase.
  • I like to share my books.
  • I like to have a stack to choose from next to my bed. I like to LOOK through the stack.
  • I like to easily look back in a book to see what I read when I was tired and can't seem to remember.
  • I love to sort my books and go through them to see what I want to reread.
  • I like to give books away when I am through with them.
 I am sure there is more but these are some of the things that come to mind quickly. I just took my brother 2 huge bags of books and he was beyond thrilled!  
Which do you prefer?


Unknown said...

Well, let's just say I read precisely 0 books the first 23 years of my marriage. And I've read at least 50 books via a kindle app on my nexus tablet since I got it in August. So that would make me very much an e-reader fan.

Kristin said...

Well, I love real books for all the reasons you list, but I have so many books they are crowding me out of my I've switched to reading books on my iPad most of the time now. (The iPad feels a little heavy sometimes--as do hardback books--so I'd sort of like a real kindle too.) My mom, who was a hard sell, loves her kindle, for the lightness, adjustable type, backlight, and ease of acquiring books!

christa said...

I like both, it depends. My Nook is good for traveling and when I was reading 50 Shades of Gray (and the other two), no one had to know what I was reading.
I'm glad you have books to share!!

Anne said...

Like you, I am a total book lover. I don't get the same pleasure from reading ebooks. I usually get my books from the library, but will buy those I love.

Yay for getting a run in, I'm sure you'll be back out there soon. Spring is definitely taking its time here too!!

Char said...

You're running again - great news! You've been so patient (sort of) so I'm glad your wait is over.

As far as the books are concerned - real books are the only way to go!

Darlene said...

Yay for running. I agree ... Proceed slowly. I also prefer real books. I go to the library now.

Kandi said...

I'm glad you got a run in and are taking it slow and easy. Did you figure out what you are doing about your upcoming half marathons?
I prefer regular books but I read so slowly that I don't really have a need for an e-reader.

Molly said...

I'm all about books! I love having my own little library, and sad to say I always have an overdue fine at the library!

I can't wait to run outside too, but it snowed all last week, and it will this week too! It does NOT feel like Easter is on it's way!

Ransick said...

Glad you on the mend and easing back into running!

I'm not much of a reader but do when I travel so I primarily read on my iPad.

Runner Leana said...

I really held out on books versus an e-reader but once I got an iPad it was too convenient not to read books on it! I love flipping through the pages, or browsing a book store to see what catches my eye. Definitely with an e-reader you take some of that away. But there is something so cool about being able to buy something and have it right away, plus it really helps to reduce the amount of space that books and bookshelves take up around the house.

I left you a response to your comment about my ankle on my blog. Not sure if you get a notification that I replied so I thought I would let you know! I hope your ankle is continuing to improve!!!

Liz said...

I love my kindle for carrying around and reading while I eat or drink. But I agree with you about wanting to flick back through the book to check things. I tend to read a few on the kindle, then a couple of real books.

Teamarcia said...

Glad you are progressing in the run dept! I am a real book fan. That said, the last several have been electronic and I've liked them just fine.

RunToTheFinish said...

oh I love a good book...I might even kind of like a bad book just for the parts you mentioned about looking at the cover and wondering what it will be like :)

Glad you are starting to recover!

Amy said...

I love real books for a lot of the same reasons you do! But I don't use an electronic reader (yet) so I can't really compare.

Have a very happy Easter!