Sunday, March 10, 2013

Not Yet

 a nice well lit space

My foot/ankle/leg is feeling better but I am not trying running yet. By no means is it all better so right now caution is the name of the game.  Plus this week is crazy busy with report cards to finish, a course night and two nights of parent conferences.  No time to run anyways so it will be early mornings at the pool.

I have gone swimming 3 times since I posted last. It's a little hard to write much about swimming.  My home town pool is crazy crowded. Thursday wasn't too bad but on Friday there were 9 people across our small 5 lane pool with 3 people sitting on a bench waiting to get in. I am getting there around 5:30 which is no easy feat for me.  So I got a spot on Friday - luckily next to the wall so I only had a chance of someone running into me on one side. The lady next to me was doing the back stroke which seems a little crazy when it is that crowded. It was not a relaxing swim until the last 10 minutes when there were only about 5 people in.
my suit, cap  and goggles are getting a lot of use

Yesterday I did nothing. Well nothing athletic. I went to school and spent at least 6 hours on report cards.  I also spent a good deal of time last Saturday and will need to finish them after school tomorrow.  The beautiful weather made me grumpy as I worked inside.  I had homework to do for a course I am taking but I was too burnt out and saved it for today.
 the hot tub the reward for when I am done

The plan for today was to go to Burlington to one of the many fitness clubs I can go to through my gym membership and use a pool.  Our high school pool is not open on the weekends.  So I got done what I needed to do.  My foot has been hurting quite a bit even with my weak kick but today it was much less noticeable.  I felt like I was in a state of bliss as I swam today.  I had as much time as I wanted.  There were lots of windows and light (not at my high school pool ever)  and once there I remembered the hot tub which I promised myself I would use after. I ended up swimming a mile, feeling faster, I probably wasn't but liked the feeling.

Then I got in the hot tub and I had a good book with me.  I was in heaven!  I stayed quite awhile and then I couldn't take the heat anymore.
the lake front was packed with runners and bikers

When I left I drove down to the lake - a mistake - because there were so many bikers and runners - so I quickly left so I could leave the jealousy behind and return to my blissful state.

I have been spending a lot of time icing my ankle. I may continue doing this for months. I put my  foot up, throw on some ice and read or go on the computer. It is very relaxing!


Darlene said...

You are so lucky that you swim so you can keep active. Yeah, I so hated to see people running when I could not. You willbe back out there soon.

Kate Geisen said...

Keep on being know it'll pay off! I can't get over your discipline with getting up so early to swim. Not this girl! ;)

I HATED watching people on bikes when my thumb was dislocated and all I could do was run. So glad I had running to fall back on like you have swimming. :) Love hearing about you enjoying swimming, though I'm most jealous if the hot tub. That sounds lovely.

Ransick said...

I'm with Kate on being jealous of the hot tub.

If your foot/ankle hurt swimming, try a pull buoy. It will help you work on upper body form with no kicking.

Average Woman Runner said...

A hot tub sounds so nice right now! Nice job getting into the pool. I keep telling myself I need to do it but laziness or preference for other stuff prevails even though I know swimming would be the best thing.

Char said...

Seeing runners and walkers out in the beautiful weather is hard when you can't do either. When I couldn't run I had the most dreadful running envy. I hated every runner I saw and wished desperately that I was them because they looked just so happy. But your time will come.

Liz said...

You wouldn't be bothered by the sight of runners here today. We've had snow, it's freezing cold, and there are horrible strong winds to be battled. I'd planned a 8-mile run today, but I just want to stay home by the heater...

Hope the foot is getting better!

Johann said...

I hope you are already much better by now. Keep swimming and your fitness won't be affected that much. Hang in there and all the best! Thinking of you!

Fran said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick recovery. But for now you are doing the best you can with the swimming, well done!

Anne said...

I'm sorry to hear the ankle is still hurting. Definitely a case of bad luck. I sure hope it gets better quickly...but you're doing the right thing, being smart and going to the pool to workout. Hang in there!