Thursday, March 21, 2013


I copied this from Marlene and she posted it in October so I am a bit behind. But lately I seem to have trouble finding things to blog about (except swimming) so here goes.

feeling frustrated I can't lose the weight I want
reading a lot of Lisa Gardner
longing for a racing vacation
laughing with my colleagues at work
crying I'm not racing and running
looking at lots of races on line
journaling about not much at all, seems I like writing about running, biking and racing the best
celebrating the fact that spring "is here" and I will be biking soon
eating too many black jelly beans
running well I'm not but I hope to give it a try this weekend
hoping that things go well when I run and I am well on the way to being mended
anticipating going to the movies with my husband this weekend
planning my summer around races
drinking Green Mountain Coffee. It's the best!
missing going on long bike rides
listening to pod casts about many different things
making wise decisions to heal properly and not prolong my off time
appreciating the many friends I have both IRL and all of my blogger friends
What are you currently ______ing?


Teamarcia said...

This is fun! I am with you on the lack of weightloss. No black jelly beans here....although I'd love some. Agree on the Green Mtn. Coffee! Had some in Maine and NEED more!

Char said...

I bought a whole packet of HomeBrand black jelly beans. Ughhh! They're a great diet tool. They tasted so bad that even in desperation I wouldn't touch them.

christa said...

I have a lot of Lisa Gardener books if you are missing any :)

Darlene said...

I like Lisa Gardner. I refuse to get on the scale. I am currently waiting for spring.

Giorgio said...

I'm currently following my running friend's blogs :) Nice post!

Unknown said...

I feel your pain. I have been struggling with my blog too. Life has been getting in the way!