Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Friday Facts

  • I love swimming!  Love it!  And right now as I continue to only swim that is a very good thing. I find myself really looking forward to my swims lately.  
  • My ankle/foot/leg is feeling better but I am still not going to run.  I don't have the flexibility yet and would rather overdo the wait this time. I don't know how long I can hold off. Last weekend was gorgeous and I thought I would get my bike out this weekend but lots of snow and very cold so no thank you.
  • It's hard to blog when you are only swimming.
  • This is going to be the first year I haven't done a St. Patrick's Day race.....maybe since I started running.  I have done St. Patrick Day races in Vermont (many), New Hampshire ( a couple) and DC.  
  • I am not sure I am going to get a race in in March and I always like to do a race a month. I am trying to tell myself no big deal.
  • My half marathon in a month is bothering me. I was hoping I could at least run/walk it but now I'm not so sure.  
  • It's hard to keep the weight off when you're not running.
  • It's especially hard to keep the weight off when you keep eating just a couple more jelly beans. Note to self: don't buy jelly beans.
  • I don't have to work today so I'm heading back up to Burlington to swim and use the hot tub again and wildly looking forward to it.
  • I'm also going out to lunch with friends.
  • We also may do a brewery tour.  Isn't that what all teachers do with a  day off?
  • I also might get some new fun colored pants that I see everyone wearing.
  • I may buy some running clothes. Necessary thing to do when you're not running, right?
  • If you're running a St. Patrick's Day Race enjoy it!  
Last year with one of my favorite racing partners (notice
I said one of Emily, not my favorite)

In DC a couple of years ago


Darlene said...

There's a 5k on the Hudson in Albany on march 30... Hope you healing. You are at least patient. Yes drink beer and buy running clothes. You deserve it.

christa said...

I'm doing the Spring Fling 5k next Saturday in Shelburne. I've ran 3 miles once since December and I'm pretty sure I am going to get passed by a 10k runner. Have fun in Burlington!

Kandi said...

I was wondering if you'd started running again. I'm glad you are enjoying your swims. I guess you can't take scenic pictures in the pool. Soon enough you'll be back to running, biking, and open water swimming! Hang in there.

Alisa said...

Definitely don't stress about not racing. Wow, a race a month? I go months and months without doing a race =). I think fundamentally I prefer training to racing.

Glad the ankle is getting better and I think it's smart that you're not pushing it.

Anonymous said...

Everybody should do a brewery tour on one of their days off.

Char said...

I'm a bit undisciplined when it comes to jelly beans too. And licorice (deadly to runners on long runs when there are no toilets around). Or really any lolly. I tend to avoid buying them because once they're open the packet just disappears.

Ransick said...

Glad you are enjoying the swimming! Being a multistory athlete definitely has benefits.

Amy said...

Hope you had a great day off! yeah, tell me about the weight thing with not running - I've not been able to run since August and it is a real struggle - ugh! I've had to really figure out other things to do but it's not easy.

Giorgio said...

It's great to hear you are feeling better and enjoying swimming.
Be motivated!