Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Did It All This Weekend

What did I do?  I ran.  I swam. I biked.  Not all the same day but all 3 in two days. Woot Woot  I say!
I'm back on my feet running toward my favorite mountain.
As you can see the weather has changed since the last time
I was here.

Saturday I had my first run outdoors.  I ran 6 miles, the longest I have gone yet. It started out cold but turned nice very quickly!  I went with T for some of it.  She ran longer than I did but ended up catching up with me near the end. I was so happy to be back out there running beside my river.

Then later that day I went to the Edge to swim about half of the distance I usually do followed by the hot tub. For awhile I was the only one in the pool, a very rare circumstance. felt wonderful.  I was tempted to go for a bike ride after I picked my bike up from it's tune up but too much to do.

Getting started with the bike long
as it doesn't head into the river.

Sunday I got a lot of baking done and then went for my first bike ride of the season. I went on my hybrid as I didn't feel ready with my ankle still mending to do the whole clip in thing. Plus the roads are muddy so it's the hybrid for a bit.  I went for just a short ride as it was windy and cool but man I have to say it again, "IT.....FELT......WONDERFUL!"

I also got in two walks this week. One was with a friend who is here from Montana and then today Jameson and I walked with Jaxon.  I should get out and walk more often as both walks were very pleasant.

I love that things are progressing and I don't have to just swim anymore. Although I think I became a bit addicted to it as I had no intention of swimming on Saturday but somehow found myself making the time to get in a swim.  Next week I think I'll just get in my two morning swims but I would like to make it to the Edge once a month to get in my swim and hot tub time.  I didn't meet my goal of a race a month in March but I still hope to get in the rest of the months. My foot still doesn't have complete flexibility and doesn't like it when I speed up. But having said that I can see a huge difference from just a week ago.  And that is AFTER a week of running.  I still ice it a lot. It could be a placebo but it is so relaxing that is a part of the day I look forward to. (Yes, I have a boring life.)

This was a busier weekend for us socially too.  Friday night we went to Flatbread Pizza with Jameson and a friend.  We had a great time. Saturday night we went to a wild game dinner where there were a lot of people I used to know that I didn't recognize. Do I look that different?  My friend who now lives in Montana was visiting and her brother throws this event once a year. It has been several years since we have been but it was fun.  The only wild game I had was sweet and sour duck. It was actually quite good.  But there were lots of good salads.

Sunday of course was Easter.  Jameson and Jaxon came down to spend the day.  We had a non traditional dinner of lasagna and rolls.  Usually when I make rolls I make them the day before and we reheat them. Today we had them right out of the oven and they were fantastic.

I bought the desserts yesterday at our town's general store. Emily may not be a cook but her childhood BFF certainly is!
I didn't buy these but she had various peeps for sale.

I saw these on FB which is what got me there. These are cupcakes,
with frosting and lemon curd. The shell is white chocolate.  
Cutest things ever!

This was an unbelievably delicious cake!

The birthday boy celebrating his birthday a day early.  

Patiently waiting for his treat!

We didn't get to see Emily this weekend but she had quite a weekend of her own. She went to Pennsylvania  and ran in a marathon.  She  came in FIRST!  She will tell you it was a very small marathon but it wasn't that small! And first is first!

Looking forward to doing some running, biking and swimming this week too. Please please please don't snow anymore now that I have my bike out!!


Darlene said...

So happy you are running again.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Couldn't agree more with your view of the marathon. First is first no matter how you spin it. You beat EVERYONE! Nice job to her!

So glad to see that the scenery has changed for that run (no more snow!!)

Those egg cupcakes look quite intriguing!

Average Woman Runner said...

Glad you are able to get some miles in, 6 miles is a REAL run!

Kate Geisen said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And you sound so happy. :) Those cupcakes are so cool! Almost a shame to eat them. Big weekend for your family with birthdays and marathon wins! I'm so glad your ankle is shaping up and letting you have more fun. Have a great week!

Kandi said...

Yay for running and Jax and delicious looking desserts! Sounds like a great weekend.
Was Jameson born on April fools day? My niece was and we celebrated her birthday yesterday as well.

Karen said...

YAY for great running! that has to feel soooo good! Congrats to Emily too - yes first is first... :)

Looks like you all had a great weekend. Those desserts looked delicious. mmmmm

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

woohoo for doing all 3 in 2 days... that is totally awesome! :) Glad you're back on your feet! :)

Giorgio said...

Great news! So glad to hear you are back running through such a wonderful environment.

I wouldn't mind a piece of that dessert :)

Char said...

Who would have thought a year ago that you'd be almost addicted to swimming in 12 months.

It sounds like the perfect weekend. I spent ages looking at those egg cupcakes trying to work them out. Still none-the-wiser. They look just like eggs. So clever!

Anne said...

What a great week! So happy that you are running again and loving it! Those cakes look incredibly! Congrats to Emily...that is amazing!!!!

Jill said...

Fantastic news about the ankle - finally!!

We've been riding outdoors all winter in Colorado. A late snowstorm a couple weeks ago bagged one long ride but other than that it's been tolerable. I do look forward to it being warmer though for the rides. Not the running.

I love the creek picture with your bike :).

Unknown said...

The recovery from your injury is coming along nicely. Nice 6 miler outside. All that swimming is helping you put in some good numbers. Now for the biking outdoors. You sound like you are having a good time.

chris mcpeake said...

great to see that you are running. Keep it up

RunToTheFinish said...

yeahhh for 6 pain free miles!!! :) I love a weekend where we slip in all kinds of activity

Runner Leana said...

So glad to hear you got a great run in and that your ankle is feeling better!

Fran said...

What a great weekend Andrea. So happy for you that you could run and bike outside again. Such a happy post.

Johann said...

I'm really glad that you are back at running and doing outdoors as well. I think you are going to have a super tri season. You are enjoying all three sports and that is great. Congrats to Emily!