Sunday, February 26, 2012

vacation shopping loot - for those who asked

I've been back from my "vacation" awhile but I didn't want to post this until Emily received her care package!  
A new running skirt!

Long sleeve shirt from Columbia that my cat is checking out

Shirts from Eddie Bauer - can't choose a color? Get both.

From the race expo - old race shirt really cute and comfy  for 
$2. Got one for myself and Emily.

I have a hard time resisting these comfy hoodies

There may be a coat in here that I so didn't need - best buy of
the weekend though.

Fun socks on their way to Em in a care package.

Also from the Expo - $1 - on the way to EM

A really cute hot pink hoodie also going to Em

This bag is full of shirts and pants - work clothes
for my son.  The shirts were also a very good buy.


Tricia said...

That running skirt is super adorable. And well done on the loot -- lots of things for good prices.

Jenn said...

I knew there would be a cute half zip in there:)

Christi said...

You got a great load of items! I love the pink hoodie!

Christina said...

A nice looking loot!!
The pink hoodie is cute! :)

Now, that's a care packet I would LOVE to have!

Unknown said...

That's quite a haul!

Ewa said...

It's Xmas in Vermont!!!
Nice loot. Love the skirt.

Char said...

You had a good haul. I bet your kids love that you love to shop - being that they're sometimes beneficiaries.

Giorgio said...

What a beautiful loot! I like those work clothes which you bought for your son.
Have a nice week!

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun shopping! I agree with you about getting multiple colors of one style shirt if you really like it. I do it all the time and never regret it!

Laura said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the loot.
can you adopt me?

HappyTrails said...

Looks like you looted the stores in fine fashion - well done! And saved lots of loot-biscuits by finding killer deals! You know how I am - I REALLY like the new skirt - where is that one from???!!! :-)

Char said...

Re your comment on my blog - no Iven doesn't read my blog but I'll read our particularly pertinent ones to him so he can see just how much I really love him. And I guess I'm not that mean to him except in my head.

Jill said...

Great stuff! I'm wearing my eddie bauer shirt right now...I love their stuff! Nike is my fave as well!

Lindsay said...

Next trip you go on.... Adopt me! :) those sweatshirts are so irresistible.

Teamarcia said...

Way to load up the loot! One can never have too many hoodies.

Alisa said...

You have great taste in all of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!