Monday, February 13, 2012

Bullet Point Monday

  • Truthfully I always like bullet points, I think I am lazy.
  • I wore my new jeans and new coat to the movies on Sunday.  I got a compliment on the color of the coat.  Usually I buy new things and "save" them for awhile but I told myself I had to wear these right away.  Liked them both.
  • My hubby and I went to see Big Miracle.  Others are going to academy award nominees, we're watching the feel good PG flick.  Loved it.
  • I am ashamed to say I remember nothing of this from the time it happened but I had two kids under five. That's my excuse. 
  • My foot felt okay on my run today. I will see how it is tomorrow as I am hoping to do a shortish treadmill run.
  • I cannot even come close to describing how cold the run today was.  It was unreal.  Unreal.  Freezing.  Teeth chattering.  Do I really claim to like winter?  Somehow with no snow it seems much colder.  It was the wind.  Brrrr!
  • I plan to try my new crock pot today. I feel like buying a new crock pot cookbook. Any recommendations?
  • My dishwasher is fine.  I have a theory on what was wrong with it.
  • I am on vacation the week after this one.  It begins with a half marathon that I usually love in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.
  • But my vacation starts with a mammogram Friday night.  Not really how I want to start the vaca but better than not having one at all.
  • Have a good week!


Michael said...

We finally got a good dose of winter here this weekend, although I'm sure no where as cold as yours. It made for a pretty cold run for me yesterday though.

No, a mamogram is no way to start a vacation, but totally sounds like something I would do. I'm off on President's Day next weekend, and I'm starting off my morning with a full body mole check - what fun!

misszippy said...

I love bullet points!

I can only imagine how cold it was up there! It was pretty cold here, too, w/the wind chill.

I never get out to the movies anymore. Always too tired!

Enjoy your vacation, after that little thing called a mammogram.

Fran said...

Looks like I let the cold move towards you because we are finally getting rid of it since today. And that's a good thing because I'm pretty bored by it now.

That's a nice thing to look forward too: a week vacation.

Anonymous said...

Crock pot + cold weather = chili!

Kate Geisen said...

We finally got a dose of winter. It was in the teens and twenties this weekend, with only a dusting of snow, and yes, the wind makes it awful. I'm sure your temps are way worse!

I don't know anything about that movie, but your comment about 2 kids under 5 made me laugh. My oldest two are 18 mos apart, and I remember virtually nothing from their first few years. All a blur.

Even with a mammogram I'd take vacation! Smart to schedule it first thing so you get it over with and on to the good times!

Laura said...

....winter arrived here with a vengence. Not.happy.
Hope your foot cooperates!!

Lily on the Road said...

It was freaking freezing here too over the weekend, I must admit I didn't venture out yesterday. Seems it is mammorgram time for me too and the check up for colorectal cancer. Fun times!

Enjoy your vacay and your race, sounds like fun!

Roz said...

Here it was cold for the first time all winter this weekend. Yesterdays run, for me, was much the same as yours, mind-numbingly cold! Hope your week flies by so you can enjoy your vacation!

Marlene said...

Feel good PG flicks are my kind of movie too... or cheesy romances. We
re going to the movies next weekend and choosing between The Vow or Big Miracle.

Darlene said...

It was cold here to. I can't believe you're complaining about the cold. Excited about your half. I was going to do it so I am living through my running friends.

Alisa said...

I'm a fan of the bullet list as well.

You asked about swimming and what you need...I think you already have everything you need and you're doing great.

I can't believe you "save" clothes...the minute I buy something new I wear it the next day =).

I don't have a crockpot cookbook but a lot of good recipes...I can forward some to you. Most of them I have found on all recipes, they have a whole section for crock pot recipes.

Jill said...

The new coat is really pretty - me loves PINK! :)

It has been so cold here, too...and of course that white stuff I'm not so fond of. Hope your race is warmer next week...and holy cow, how did teachers get off for a week in February? Lucky :)!!

HappyTrails said...

Glad you wore your new outfit - NEVER save things - jump right in and savor them. Hope the foot improves - no fun being hobbled. Kicking off vaca with a mammogram isn't sooo bad - you're just getting it out of the way, checking it off the list and moving on to the REAL vaca kick-off - the Half that you so enjoy! Have a wonderful time! :-)

Katie said...

I also love bullet points and don't use them enough. have a nice vacation!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

just made did a pork roast in our slow cooker yesterday to get it all perfectly flavored and shredded for some great tacos yesterday. all home made and scratch - even the tortilla's! love lime and clinatro.

Char said...

There's nothing wrong with seeing a feel good movie. Iven and I went to see The Descendants for our anniversary and quite frankly it was depressing - not a great anniversary movie.

Lindsay said...

i'm not up-to-speed with current movies at all. i just saw contagion... you're ahead of the times to me :)

i read the passage after you said you were going to read it. it was good, then weird (the "jumps"... i just don't get how that subject is so popular these days -ala twilight), but i wanted to see how it ended so i kept going.

Lindsay said...

oh. i didn't finish my comment! so i liked it overall. a little weird with the vampire subject, but overall i liked it and will be reading the next one so you'll probably have to remind me to get it when it comes out later this year :)

Teamarcia said...

We saw Big Miracle over the weekend too! You're so right the wind is most of the battle, although it's not crazy cold here. Yay for vacay. I hate to admit how overdue I am for a mammo.

Kate Geisen said...

I wish you lived in Chicago too!

Stinks that your foot is bothering you. I hope the bunion things or whatever help. Especially since it's too cold for your bike!

We got about 2" of snow today, the most we've had all winter...and they're calling for temps in the 40's tomorrow. Here and gone again

Christina said...

I love bullet points.

I cannot imagine what kind of winter you are having. It is 32 degrees here and I believe it is the first winter night of this year. :)

Amy said...

I never heard of the Big Miracle story either - I had to google it to figure out what you were talking about.
Ew, a mammogram, one of my least favorite things. Good thing you have vacation to look forward to afterwards!

Molly said...

I know what you mean about "saving" things, I have to be better about that!