Thursday, February 16, 2012

Five Things on Thursday

1. I haven't weighed myself in about a year. It started by not wanting to know what my weight was and I just kind of didn't start again even when my weight dropped.  Lately I have been tempted but I still haven't given into taking that first step onto the scale.  When I went to the doctors recently I let them know I didn't want to know my weight as I stood on the scale.  So how do I know how I "am doing?"  By the fit of my pants mostly.  I have pants in several sizes (doesn't everyone?) and depending on what pants I am wearing  tells me how close I am to my "target weight."  When I am doing (eating) very badly, I always have to try my clothes on at night. I get my outfit for work ready the night before and I don't have time in the morning to make changes. If I need to try my clothes on there is a good chance they won't fit.  When I am doing poorly I also can't wait to get out of my clothes in the evening and into my pjs.  When I am doing well I am very happy to relax in my outfit of the day.

 Speaking of comfortable clothes.......those new jeans I got last Saturday - unbelievably comfortable - seriously - I practically purr when I put them on.  And they were very cheap!

2. If you saw yesterday's post you saw that I registered for my first triathlon. My stomach immediately went into nervous mode.  I didn't want to do all this getting ready (training?) and have the race be full so I thought it was time to commit.  I had not really read much about the race but I did like what I read about the swim when I was registering.

The 600 yard swim is held in warm, crystal clear Lake Dunmore. The swim will be a one loop course which will be lined with lots of buoys. There will be wave starts of no more than 75 participants per wave. The swim is extremely safe as you are rarely in over 6 feet of water at any given point. There will be lifeguards in kayaks and boats at various locations monitoring the course at all times.

First I registered for a half marathon in April.  It was the first day of registration and was about half full.  It was my best half last year and it is the half I am doing my training around.

Then I put my credit card away.  The triathlon that I am doing has two more races that I believe are exactly the same. I hope to do at least one of them.  It also has an Olympic distance race but I plan to stay far far away from that one.  There is another sprint in another part of the state that is slightly shorter in the swim but bound to be much hillier in the bike.  We'll see......

3.  In all this swimming preparation and worries I am completely ignoring the fact that I still need to learn to use clipless pedals.  Yikes!

4.  My foot was still bothering me but I have found a way to run pain free.  I am still babying it most of the time and hope that "this too shall pass."

5. I'm off to do my first of two workouts today. Is it a  brick if it is swimming and running and.........they are several hours apart?  Let's just call it a double.

This picture is from last year's Hampton Half which I will be running this weekend!
I'm the one waving instead of looking like a serious runner!


Fran said...

How exciting that you have registered and do not worry: you are going to do great my friend!

You've asked about the outfit I posted on FB: yes, I bought it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

It's a brick...a delayed brick!

Michael said...

I wish I could be more like you, I am a scale addict. I weigh myself every single morning, and sometimes at night too. It's not good.

So excited for your first tri!

Laura said...

So exciting about your upcoming races! I know I am leaning out...but do want to step on the scale in the next few weeks to 'see' where I am really at. Sometimes I just need that bit of 'number' motivation.

christa said...

I just read that half already sold out. I'm so excited you signed up for your first tri!!

Kandi said...

Your tri is on my birthday!!
I hope your foot feels better soon. Good luck at your race this weekend.

Karen said...

LOL at the thought of you purring over your new jeans!

SO EXCITED that you signed up for a triathlon! WOO HOO!

Darlene said...

Have fun Sat. Again I'm there in spirit. (At least there's no swimming....yet!)

Amy said...

I admire you for letting go of the scale - it is such a tyrant!

Marlene said...

I can't wait to get my work clothes off at the end of the day, whether they are fitting well or on the tight side.

Congrats on signing up for you first tri!!! VERY exciting. Sounds like a great first-timer swim course.

Liz said...

Ooh, I'm excited about your triathlon! Looking forward to reading all about the training leading up to the event itself!

Alisa said...

OOOOOOOH triathlon training...woooooooo hooo! I got your email in your comment on a post recently and I will definitely be emailing you this weekend.


I weigh myself about once a week, sometimes less. I like to know and I think it helps keep me in check.

Kate Geisen said...

I think you're going to be just fine with the clipless pedals. It was much less scary that I made it out to be in my head.

Also, I think you should consider the possibility of your third tri being an Olympic distance. You can do the run and bike miles no problem, and by then I bet you're going to be 1000% more comfortable on the swim.

The scale...I'm hiding from mine. I'm a stress eater, so it's been bad lately.

Char said...

I think you can still call it a brick - with lots of mortar in between.

Good luck with the coming training. I hope the nervous flutters have settled.

Jill said...

Congrats! This is so are registered for your tri! Woohoo!

Love that you are doing yor brick workout...that's awesome...and you make me laugh.

Um, I think I could have written the first part of your post about the scale and clothes...the part about the pjs...that's all me!

HappyTrails said...

Clipless pedals are a piece of cake! Couple times with bloody knees, and you'll have it down pat ;-) Good job taking the plunge on your triathlon - it will be fun to watch that progress.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

I can always tell when I gain or lose weight. No scale needed unless I want to know the amount.
Yes, water is shallow in lake dunmore, you see to bottom the entire swim. No worries!

Black Knight said...

You made the right thing, registering for the tri. I read with interest the news about your swimming and biking because we had similar experiences. I decided not to use the clipless pedals: too dangerous, here there is a lot of traffic. But my wife, scared again, for my motor-bike incident said: me or the bike. I prefer her!
And swimming: I would like to try a race in the sea or in the lake. It is in my near future.