Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer - It Was Great

A Mostly Pictorial Review of Summer


Running past wonderful sights in DC

Running, racing and winning with my daughter 

Bloggy meet up with MCM Mama


Lots of fun on Governor's Island


Running in Waldo Canyon

Hiking up Pikes Peak with M!

Racing in the Summer Round Up 12K

Meeting "Happy Trail" and "Run with Jill" bloggers

Running in Garden of the Gods


Lots of great veggies from the garden
Lots of time to do a ton of reading
Time to spend with family and friends
Personal training sessions with my son
Time to make cards
White water rafting
Great runs on the Burlington Bike Path
Another Bloggy Meet Up and Lots of great races including

Silks and Satins where I met Darlene from My First 5K

A reignited appreciation for how much fun biking is

But now it's time to head back to work and school has always signaled for me, the end of summer and the beginning of fall, no matter what the calendar actually says.


Pahla said...

You really packed in a lot of fun, friends and racing this summer - well done!! Love all the pics. :-)

Julie said...

I would say that you really did have a fun summer full of adventure! It is time to say so long to summer and to prepare ourselves for Autumn and winter:) Autumn I can totally handle....winters for the both of us seem to last forever:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anne said...

What an amazing summer! Love the recap pics :)

abbi said...

What a great summer!

Johann said...

That is a wonderful recap of your summer! Stunning photos with stunning memories.
Ryan Sandes is an elite and is a bit of a freak when it comes to desert running. He can really push hard through the most harsh conditions and heat. He has won numerous multi-day desert races.

Heather said...

I love the new header! The photos are great!Looks like you made the best of your summer and will have lots of wonderful memories!

Teamarcia said...

What a fun-filled summer! You really made the most of it--well almost--you didn't meet me! Maybe next year!

Amy said...

Nice recap - you had a good summer! Enjoy getting back to school - hope you have a great class!

Marlene said...

That cartoon is HILARIOUS and so true... even for us non-teachers. ;)

What a summer!!!!!

Kandi said...

Looks like you accomplished a lot this summer and had a ton of fun doing it! :)

Jamie said...

Looks like a fun filled summer!

Jill said...

Hahah on the Sept calendar - so true though!!! You totally had a great summer, aside from that dang heel but otherwise wow, so fun!! Hugs to you!!!

btw, I ran 6 on the heel yesterday. Ouch. Oh well, I'll keep persevering.

Andrew Opala said...

... always good to have a camera! hope you have many more enjoyable summers ... many

Emz said...

What an awesome idea.

I love this summer re-cap.


Heidi said...

That last picture sums up exactly how my kids are feeling. HAHAHA

Darlene said...

I remember that end of the summer feeling - you don't get it when you work all summer LOL

misszippy said...

Summer is the best. Looks like you made the most of it.

racing dawn said...

Great recap. The cartoon at the end is the best! I think I'm dreading my kids homework more than they are! I love summer... but love the fall too! Here's to a new season! :)

Lindsay said...

lots of family and friends all summer! too bad we can't just have summer all year long, including the vacation part :)

Fruit Fly said...

What a picture perfect summer!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Like your "what I did this summer" post! You had fun!

Chris K said...

I love posts with lots of pics. What's not to love about Colorado. Oh yeah, snow in the winter.

LMC said...

Love this recap! You definitely made the most of this summer. Good for you! I hope September is not as long as that calendar :)!! Have a great week!