Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Random Things Friday

1. I ran 4 miles yesterday in my new orthotics.  My heel didn't hurt although it was sore later in the day.  My chiro seemed encouraged by the progress I am making and gave the go ahead for getting ready in a small way for my relay next Sat. I can run but no more than 6 miles. Tomorrow I plan to attempt 6 miles, followed by a bike ride.  A KCIRB I guess.

2. I have still been getting lots of reading in.  Here are some books I have taken out of the library in my last couple visits- mostly chick lit!
The Search by Nora Roberts
The Island by Elin Hilderbrand
A Friend of the Family by Laura Grodstein
Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner
Every Last One by Anna Quindlen
Anybody Any Minute by by Julie Mars
Second Time Around by Beth Dendrick
Driftwood Summer by Patti Callahan Henry
Love in Translation by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

3. I love going to the movies but I don't rent movies a lot.  I tend to watch tv series on DVD.  Currently I am rewatching West Wing Season 1!  It is a fantastic season.  I remember some of the seasons begin to drag but I love this one.  Who else has watched it?  Did you have a favorite character and who was it?  I like many of the characters which is why I like the show but I like Josh Lyman best hands down!
I also love Donna so chose a pic that included her.

4. What other tv series could you recommend?  I also love Friday Night Lights (the new season is in the mail on it's way to me, Lost, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Damages, The OC ( I am a shallow shallow person) and ????

5.  Today was an outstandingly gorgeous day. Cool temps. Sunny. And it was a rest day.  Oh well. There will be other gorgeous days!


Anne said...

I think you'd enjoy "Belong to me" by Marisa del los Santos. REally good...and there's a little piece (about 2 pages) that talk about running :) I love Anna Quindlan, must check that out!

Thanks for posting your list. I'm not reading as much as usual this summer...lots of construction going on, we're building a sun room :)

Molly said...

I agree with Anne, but you need to read Love Walked in first, Belong to me is kind of a sequel.

glad the orthotics are working out for you!

Pahla said...

LOVE your new header picture!!!
I need to check out some of the books on your list. I love Jennifer Weiner, she cracks me up!

Monica said...

Love your new picture. So glad that you were able to run again and they Chiro said "GO". Take it easy girl!

Anonymous said...

*fingers crossed* for the orthotics helping you out! I loved the Gilmore Girls series enough to not only watch it on TV but watch it all again on DVD.

Amy said...

Love the new header!! Glad you are getting back into your running - hope it continues to go well.
I was a huge ER fan for years and I will still watch re-runs on TV. I also loved Northern Exposure. I've never watched a whole series on DVD.

Lindsay said...

i love that you made one of the bike path pics your new page profile :)

that's a lot of reading! i wish i had time to read! as far as tv shows - lost and house are the two i really watch (or well, watched in the case of lost). i don't have much time for tv either so i am a tv-on-dvd girl too.

Christina said...

That's a lot of books to read. I recently picked up Eat, Pray, Love and so far, so good. I'm a slow reader.
We don't have cable TV or antenna tv at home. We figured that would be a great thing to cut cost and cut out time spent on TV. I've kept my Netflix subscription and watched a lot of series. I love Law and Order, Jerry Seinfeld, Gossip Girl, The Hills. Shallow?

MCM Mama said...

Fingers crossed that your heal is on the mend.

I'll have to keep that list of yours. I read some of the same authors. Sadly though, reading is the thing that fell off my way too busy schedule this summer.

Jennifer said...

Happy to hear the running is coming along. Good luck with the six miler! Great new header picture, your smile is infectious!

I Run for Fun said...

I love the new pic!!! Gorgeous! Glad that the running is progressing. Just catching up with your posts...I've been MIA. Happy reading!

Johann said...

Good to hear you can run again. I hope things sort itself out for you now so you can do your relay. Wish I could read that much, but with a 9 year old son and some ultra training happening...maybe later.

LMC said...

I love (am jealous of) your new header pic! You have the best routes for biking and running. About tv series, I agree with Rio, Gilmore Girls is great. Hope your heel is on its way back to normal! Have a great week!

Char said...

I forgot not to use Australian colloquialisms - brekky out means breakfast out at a cafe. My husband and I do it every Saturday morning.

Fran said...

Great new pic!

I don't know any of those books, let us know if any of them are good! I'll put them on the waiting to read list :)

I have never watched West Wing. But I love Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Army Wives, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, The Vampire Diaries, The Tudors ... what can I say: I'm a serie addict :lol:

(And in a few weeks Glee, Modern Family and The Rookie, True Blood starts here, so can't wait :) )

Darlene said...

Hope your orthotics work out. I never seem to have time to watch TV but I do TIVO- The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Brothes & Sisters, 90210, Gossip Girl (my tv watching is pretty shallow).