Monday, August 16, 2010

Biking and T Shirts

The Biking Bits of Info for Today

1. No snakes all summer and now two days in a row? Really? A totally horrible one today - some kind of milk snake - big and yes dead but still horrible.  And I had to go by it twice as I was trying to stay somewhat close to home it case it started thundering.  Managed to get planned ride in with no storm in spite of black black sky.

2.  Left my bike off to be tuned up (after another great personal training session with my son).  The guy looked it over and gave me an estimate and I think the birth of my first child was a smaller amount.  I asked him if it was worth it and he assured me it was.  The frame was great and I liked the bike so there was no need to go new.'s a lot of money!  I'm sure I will be amazed at how it runs.  And I will be taking much better care of it than I have been.

3. And I caved and bought biking shorts.  I am sick of my butt being so sore. I thought it would get better but it hasn't.  I got the cheapest pair but truthfully I tried on several pairs and these were the most comfortable.  So next time I ride I will be styling!!!

4. Plans are to do the Causeway again on Wednesday with T. She has never done it and after seeing my stunning bday ride pics she wants to try it. Wed. may just be the day to do it.  I'm not getting into school much this week to get ready but gotta play while the sun shines!  Right now it is my choice whether or not to be there. Soon there will be no choice!

5.  I will not be biking tomorrow because the whole day will be taken up with white water rafting which I have never done!  I.CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Quite awhile ago Mel Tall Mom posted about race shirts.  More recently Marlene took up the challenge. So I got out my camera and decided to go for it too.  I have given away far more t shirts than I currently own.  I took a couple bags worth to one race alone.  I have decided I am going to save ones I get that I won't wear until I have enough to take into school and give to every kid in my class who wants one. They will be big but kids don't seem to care. If given a choice I rarely get the tshirt as I have so many.  But I definitely have many I like.
Short sleeve cotton shirts that I have kept - I have two favorites

This one is from Beach to Beacon before it filled up so quickly and 
BEFORE I RAN!  I walked it!  

This is from a local race series that no longer happens-
Also walking for this one

Short sleeve tech tees - I have even given away some of these

Last years 100 on 100 shirt - LOVED that race
Hope to be doing it in two weeks!

Long sleeve tech tees -thought I had more of these
The top gray one is large and hideous 

Love the bright red, loved the race!

Long sleeve cotton shirts that I have kept - some 
were put away.  Have many colors of the Leaf Peepers

Liked the shirt - why I did the race!  Did it once with two cousins and 
once with my husband! It was a great race - around Portsmouth, NH 
You crossed 4 bridges - very beautiful This race no longer exists which was too bad.  I won age group prizes and  random - some very good ones!

So that's it for the t shirts I could find! Got to love the shirts and medals!


Anne said...

Wow! I have one :) No, three if I count my Walk for Breast Cancer short and long sleeve cotton tees :)

LookingUpAgain said...

Wow, that's a lot of shirts! I like the idea of bringing them in to school and giving them to your students. What a way to share your passion for running!

misszippy said...

Yes, gotta have bike shorts!

I gave away more than 100 race tees last fall. It was a fun trip down memory lane, but glad to get them out the door!

Amy said...

Sounds like the biking is going really well! The tune up will definitely be good - makes it go a lot better. We get ours done every year and that's just for biking as transportation.

Johann said...

You are really getting into the biking now. Hope you can run soon though… Love your t-shirts! Maybe I must do that, but I’ve got so many I won’t know where to start.

Teamarcia said...

Next time could you not put your snake story first? EEK! I am so not a fan--traumatized by them as a kid and never got over it.
Anyway what a motherlode of race shirts! I don't even know what I may have lurking.

EB said...

So many shirts! I'm impressed.

Have fun white water rafting! Its a blast!

Marlene said...

You are going to be flying with your tuned up bike and new shorts. Hopefully not more snake sightings!! YUCK!

Nice collection of shirts!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

I should send you some of mine to give away. I usually only keep the cotton in traing ones for most HM's and Marathon's. I am not a fan of wearing the Tech finisher shirts much. don't like the material for every day use, and most turn out uncomfortable in some odd way for training.

I really like the beach to beacon one and the one after that. Those are keepers.

Katie A. said...

I have a ton of shirts, too! Yours are so organized, though! I'm keeping mine for a quilt - I think I have enough it's just lighting a fire for my mamma to get it done!

Have fun on the new"er" bike tomorrow!

Molly said...

have fun with the rafting!!!

Do I see a triathlon in your future? hmmmmm.

LMC said...

Sorry about the snake. I always manage to find snakes on runs or on our hiking trips. I don't mind them too much. I love bike shorts, only because they really help reduce butt soreness.
BTW, thanks for your question on my last post. I meant to write "2 sips every 2 miles", not "every 2 hours". I had a total of 32 ounces of water throughout the run. It was enough.:)

Jill said...

Oooo,I'm so glad you're going to get to go rafting finally - yay!!!! You have some pretty cool shirts; don't you just love how each tells a story and you just look at it and it brings back such cool memories??? And I hear you on the cost of a child to get the bike fixed...My son took over mt bike and now I have none - while both of us NEED a road bike. Errr. One day.

I need to email you about my insurance fiasco. Ugh. I am sooo so sosoosososo frustrated!!

Chris K said...

Wow, that is the world's most expensive T-shirt collection :-) I was on vacation in Oregon last month and caught a snake with my bare hands. Not sure why - maybe cuz I was hanging out with an old elementary school friend and we used to do it. Hope the heel is coming around. You may not want to hear this but my Doc said no biking.

HappyTrails said...

You do a LOT of races - quite a shirt collection. Especially like that Colorado one... Enjoy the biking - too bad you live far away, I could have done the tune up for you! Enjoy your week.

Alisa said...

I'm planning to make a quilt out of the race shirts I no longer wear anymore.