Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thunder Storms

I'm sitting here very frustrated.  Today is my day to do my two runs.  My first run went great. I actually strength trained this morning with my son and did a very short stint on the elliptical.  Once I got home I went for a run at 2:00 p.m. not at all my usual time. I had 9 on the books for today but ran 6 so I could do 3 tonight.  I did quite well running at 2; much better than I expected.  My pace was good for each mile.  I am guessing this is about the time I will run my second leg of the 100 on 100.  So tonight a 3 mile finish for a second run of the day was going to be easy. So why the frustration?  Thunder storm after thunder storm are rolling through.  I haven't given up yet on the possibilty of getting it in there but soon I will have to.  I will run in any weather but thunder storms.

Okay it never happened - the second run that is.  Thunderstorms continued into the late evening.  They may also spoil my race on Wed. night!  This threw off my schedule for the week.  I am not really good at what is called being flexible! Today is a recovery day, resting my heel before the race and trying to run somewhat less.

Some of you commented on my high mileage for July.  I questioned it a little myself because it was up so much from previous months. So I got out my running log from last year to see what the mileage was as I was also training for a marathon then.  I was  a bit astounded at last July (192) and August (221.1).  If only I could do that again and stay healthy for running!

When I am icing my heel I am getting a lot of reading done. I took last week's books back to the library to pick up some more.  Here are the books I got:

Red Hook Road - Ayelet Waldman - hot off the presses, first to check it out!
Wildwater Walking Club - Claire Cook
The Help - Kathryn Stockett - everyone in the world has read this but me
Henry's Sisters - Cathy Lamb
Storm Prey - Jonh Sanford

I started right in with Red Hook Road.  Love starting a new book by a favorite author!


Anne said...

Sounds like you'll be enjoying some nice reading breaks over the next few days. I am saving mine for vacation next week (I promise to let you know what the good ones are)...that's what camping is all about for me (reading and now, running :)).

Hope the storms pass soon...we've had the same weather over here. Thunder storms all afternoon! We must definitely not be very far from one another, our weather is almost always the same. It's still thundering and pouring out right now!

Jill said...

One word: treadmill. :)
I know many are not treadmillers, but I'd do a mass majority of running on one!

How is your heel doing? Do you know what is wrong with it yet? I was suppose to get new insurance yesterday but due to some health issues in '08, I am on hold until they can investigate it further. ARGH!! So frustrating. I've been doing some elliptical trainer but it hurts the heel worse than running. ERR. So biking and swimming.

Hope the storms move out tonight and you're back on track tomorrow. Thanks bunches for your always nice comments :).

Tricia said...

I havent read The Help. Everytime I try to get it at the library its checked out.

Hope the heel feels better!

Sarah K said...

The Help has been on back order at my library for ages. I may end up buying it. Hope you enjoy it!

Marlene said...

Sorry to hear that the t-storms foiled your plans! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

Fran said...

I don't run in thunderstorms either. Rain doesn't bother me but I'm to afraid to get struck by lightning.

I hope you enjoyed your book and that that made your evening pleasant after all.

Jocelyn said...

Great job on your run! Even though you didn't get the second one in, you shouldn't be too frustrated. Nature happens :)

Darlene said...

It is SO HUMID here but so far no rain. I just finished the saddest book...Sarah's Key. Have you read it?

Molly said...

ugh, how frustrating about the weather! Hope your recovery helps with that heel of yours.
enjoy your books!

Anonymous said...

We're being hit with those same pesky thunderstorms! I hope you it clears enough for your race and that your heel is doing better! :)

Emz said...

you knew I was going to say "treadmill it" right?! ;)

Johann said...

See and treat it as needed rest. Hope the storms don't mess with the race. Good luck!

Katie A. said...

If it's any help, my run last night was craptastic - you weren't missing much!
I have yet to read The Help, too! Now I will be the last to read it!
Hope the run goes well tonight!

Lindsay said...

I am relieved to read that your frustrations were from a storm and not worse heel pain! I do hate when bad weather interferes with a run/workout. Why can't it storm on days when I'm not motivated?!

Heidi said...

Oh I love a thunder storm ... but wouldn't want to run in it either.

I haven't read The Help either, so not everyone in the world has. ;p But then again, I don't get a whole lot of reading time in.