Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I got the honest scrap award from Jill at Running to Sanity.  I love her blog. Check out her header. It is a great picture and one of my favorite headers.  I need to answer the following 10 questions to accept the award.

1. Best Meal Ever: This is a tough one (as they all are) as I have eaten a lot of good meals in my lifetime.  I am going to go with a  restaurant meal and unfortunately it is a restaurant that has closed. I am not a big meat eater but I love a good teriyaki steak. Sirloin Saloon had the best along with excellent bread, a salad bar to die for and wonderful wonderful moose pie for dessert. Any favorite meal of mine includes dessert.

2. Best Sleep Ever: The first night my "baby" slept through the night. When they do this you can forgive them anything.

3. Best Cup of Coffee: I love Green Mountain Coffee and not just because I am from the Green Mountain State. They have so many good flavors including Mocha Nut and Caramel Creme. How can you not want those?

4. Best Romantic Moment: Our honeymoon 25 years later.  Actually a 25 year anniversary trip but my husband insisted on calling it our honeymoon!

5. Best Childhood Memory: Dancing on my father's feet as he sang along to the music.

6. Best Moment of Your Life: How about moments: marrying, having children, completing a marathon

7. Best Moment of Revenge: No clue

8. Best Thing Someone Has Done For You: Supported me through new eating and exercising and complete life changes

9. Best Thing You Have Done For Someone Else:  I am not sure about this one.  A little thing I do is send letters and cards to some people who don't get out much.  I like writing letters and I know they like getting mail.

10. Best Life Changing Moment: Having my gall bladder out and knowing it was because of my own choices I had been making. Then turning things around completely. And getting the support I needed from my husband and family  to do this.

If  you haven't done this consider yourself tagged. It is harder than you think!  


Pining for Pinterest said...

That is so sweet that you and your husband had another "honeymoon"

Monica said...

Thanks for always being so sweet and commenting on my blog!!! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Julie said...

I hope that when I have been married for 25 years that my hubby still calls it our honeymoon!! That is so are blessed:) I think that if I ever do complete a marathon it will also rank up there as one of the best moments in my life!! Great list:)

Molly said...

I'm with you in the "moments" I still can't get over how my life seemed so black and white before I had my son, now it's in technicolor.

Teamarcia said...

Love your list! Isn't it funny how we rank finishing a marathon right up there with marriage and kids?
I'm a total dessert girl too!

Jill said...

Thank you for doing this and for the sweet comments. Loved your list. So fun to get to know other bloggers more through these silly lists.

Baby sleeping through the night...THE BEST SLEEP EVER!

You are so inspiring...thanks for your blogging. Great to read all your amazing adventures in running.

Ewa said...

Teriyaki steak. Hmm, I would not mind a good steak at all. It's been a while. I'll have to look around and see if there are any decent steak places nearby.
If your father is still around I hope he knows that this is your favorite childhood memory.
Don't you ever wonder what our kids will cherish most?

Jill said...

I love your list, how fun and very touching. Thanks for sharing part of your life!!

Johann said...

Great list! My son slept through for the first time when he was 3 years and 2 months old. It took me a few weeks to sleep through again after that.

Michelle said...

Awesome list! And, yes, best sleep ever - is baby sleeping through the night! Hallelujah!

So sweet that your husband called it your honeymoon! Sounds like a keeper!

Jen said...

Love this list!!!!

BTW: Check out my blog for a sport's bra giveaway.

saundra said...

Great answers! I am still waiting for the day that my child sleeps through the night!!!
I love the honeymoon answer.

Tara said...

I love these lists; you can learn so much about a person with lists like these!

I like your best childhood memory. Very sweet.

Katie A. said...

I love learning about my bloggy buddies through these lists! Sometimes you know about your bloggy buddies than the people you "see" daily in your life! Great list!

Velma said...

Really cool list!!!

Jameson said...

Great list! I laughed at the 25 year honey moon, and I really appreciated a lot of the other moments, esp standing on your fathers feet.

Steel Springs said...

Fun list! Thanks for sharing. I love your best sleep ever.

Darlene said...

Love reading your list!