Friday, November 1, 2013

Random Traveling Bits- I'm Here At Last........

On the way into Chicago

  • The last time I had been above the clouds in a plane I had  gone down on my "own" without the plane. When I was once again above the clouds and remembered that I got a big shit eating grin  on my face that didn't go away for awhile. 
  • I bought potato chips to go with my bagel. When I went to open the bag in flight it was completely blown out like it was going to burst. It was so "full" it was very difficult to open. But the salt was calling and I managed.  Did you know this happened to PC bags in flight?
  • "Put your bags under the seat in front of you." But I disobeyed and put it beside me. When I went to get it later it was stuck - firmly stuck - inside the airplane panel by the window. I am completely serious. The clip had gotten in there and wedged and I could not get it out. I thought I was going to have to ding for the airline people to help me. Then I was using my finger to work it (like a knife stuck in a silverware drawer that won't move) when my finger appeared to be getting stuck.  I wouldn't even be able to ding for help now.   Eventually I got it out with no assistance.  Last time I'll break the rules.
  • I couldn't get the light in the bathroom to work. Finally figured it out but I was feeling my age on that one.
  • We're all loaded for the first leg of the journey when the pilot said he needs 13 people to deplane because the flight is too heavy. We may need to use an alternate airport because of bad weather and will need more gas.  Eventually 13 people - all men - took the $300 and got off.  
  • We left about an hour late and I was very worried about making my connection in Chicago.  In fact I thought I hadn't made it. But once again - feeling my age - I had forgotten to factor in the time change. Even then - it took some major sprinting through the airport to make it.   I wouldn't have wanted to be a couch potato trying to make this connection.
  • I ran into someone I worked with about 25 years ago and she was taking the same flight I was - all the way to Portland. Then she got off to visit her son to also return on Monday. Small world.
  • When I got to Portland I had lots of time.  Eventually - just as we are about to board - the flight is cancelled due to lights out and fog.  So instead of arriving in Eugene in shortly before 11 it was 2:30 in the morning after taking the shuttle.  
  • I may never leave Vermont again.


Kandi said...

Enjoy your time with Emily! Can't wait to see your amazing Oregon photos.

Anonymous said...

I usually drive down from Portland - it's absolutely beautiful. Have fun!

christa said...

That was quite the night! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Char said...

So interesting to read that it was all men who were motivated by money to get off the plane. Are women more concerned about getting to their destination on time?
Have a great time with Emily.