Friday, August 2, 2013

What state would you like to live in?

I love "games" where you do lists of things.........your favorite meal on vacation, favorite activity, best book you ever read and on and on.  I spent some time this year thinking about where else I would want to live if I wasn't living in my beloved Vermont.

I actually started this post in April and never finished it.  Since someone I love dearly is moving across the country it seems like a good time to finish it and hit publish.

I would have a job, a house, and not have to worry about moving. I am simply picking 3 places I might want to live.

1. The first one will be no surprise. I would want to live in Maine. But I don't want to be far inland. I want to be on the coast. I wouldn't mind at all being on an island although my husband never believes me when I say that. He says I am on the go too much to be satisfied on an island. I am not so sure.

2. I am also attracted to the state of Washington.  It has ocean and fir trees, a winning combination in my book.  So I would need to be on the western side near the coast. I could be on an island.  I LOVE ferries so taking one on a regular basis would be just fine. There is a movie that had a spot I loved. I am forgetting the name of it. It was about computers and work and the guy took a ferry every day from Bainbridge Island.  I think I have that right. I am moving into that house.  Okay thank you Google. The movie was Disclosure.

3. Okay, one more in this made up game of mine.  Where else might I choose to live?  I definitely prefer the north to the south. I don't see me moving anywhere where it is hot for a lot of the year. YET I would be able to bike much more so maybe I should consider one state in a warmer climate.  I don't want to be far from the ocean. Mountains are pretty important.  But there is also a part of me that would like to live in a city.  If it was a short move and then I could move again I would live in DC or NYC. Really!  I regret that I never lived in a city but at this point in my life I would not choose it as a long time thing.  I'm still having a hard time deciding so I'm going to stop and come back later.

Okay it is MUCH later.  I never got back to this but now I'm going to say Oregon.  I won't follow my daughter right to where she is but Oregon is appealing to me so why not be in the same state.  I am not sure where I'll be but I think I'll say the coast and near the mountains.  I don't want to be in a big city but I don't want to be too far from one. And I want to be able to bike a lot!

So if you could live in any state (we'll save other countries for another time) with no worries about a house or a job where what 3 places would be possibilities?


Laurie said...

I have the same dilema as you...I want to be near the coast, but I love the mountains. I prefer not to live in a city as long as one is close case I get the urge to have cultural experiences. I can only use the states that I've been to because I know no other, so....
1) Colorado (daughter and mountains)
2) Michigan (lakes)
3) South Carolina (home is it)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Minnesota (north) and same as WI (north). Real seasons is what I would love. My sister lives in GA and I won't even go there to visit. LOL.

Lindsay said...

1) S. Carolina coast (Charleston or south... not that Myrtle Beach mess lol)
2) Annapolis
3) San Diego. Hate the taxes, love the area

Yeah, I'm definitely a beach girl!.

Anne said...

It is really hard for me to even think about where I would prefer to live. I have pretty much the same the water, love the mountains and need to not be too far from a city. I've got all that, but would probably prefer winters that don't last as long (but, there has to be a winter). Still too many choices the end, I think I'd want to stay in my province of Qu├ębec :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I really seem to love the Southern States. I would probably pick Mississippi - it's beautiful. But I don't know - there seems to be a lot of sweltering heat and racism there. I LOVE Kentucky people, so maybe there. I've only been as far NW as Montana and it was beautiful but I gotta be near stuff, and there's NOTHING there. Definitely not the East Coast, but Boston was cool. Eh, I would most likely just stay in Missouri. My theory is you should live somewhere average or below so vacation seems that much more impressive when you travel.

Teamarcia said...

I think I'd go to Colorado in a heartbeat. Love it there and its already packed with friends. I share your affection for Maine. Have never been to Orgeon. Will be in Washington in a few days on the way to Alaska!

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin - Madison
California - San Diego
Washington - Seattle area

Cheerful Coach said...

Being a Washingtonian, I'm so proud to see my state made your list. I truly believe "my" state is the most beautiful place to live even though it's cloudy 9 months out of the year! Many of the photos you share look like WA, with the hills and evergreens and waterfronts. :)

Ransick said...

Tough one. I threw out Pacific Northwest for summer and Arizona for winter, my wife threw out Georgia, South Carolina or Florida. Wonder who will win :-).

Unknown said...

I happen to really like central New Mexico and hope to retire here.

If money were no object, up county Maui in the state of Hawaii would be nice

Not sure what my third choice might be

Darlene said...

Good question. I can only judge from those that I have visited. Unfortunately, I haven't traveled much since I started running.
1. San Diego - I went to a conference there and loved it - the weather, near the water, etc.
2. Winter -Naples, Fla and summer, Boulder, Colorado
3. NYC - it has a little of everything.

Char said...

I'm happy to visit other states but will always want to be close to friends and family so I don't think I'd ever want to move.

Kandi said...

I haven't been to a ton of different states.. based on what I've heard and seen though, San Diego looks lovely.
I wouldn't mind a summer home somewhere in New England - probably Vermont or Maine (though I've never been to either) but I wouldn't like the winter.
And I really do like Maryland. It has so much to offer in such a small state - beaches, mountains, cities.