Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three Tiny Things Thursday

1. Back at work and already finding it hard to fit all the workouts in and carry all the bags needed. This week isn't as hard as it will be because we can arrive slightly later with no students yet.  But once tris stop (2 1/2 weeks ) I'll slow down just a little.  You do have to be dedicated to get the training in and I'm going to say, "Yes, I am.  It's getting done."

2.  Today I ran in the morning and planned to bike after work.  I got there, changed clothes, put on sunscreen, all that stuff and went to put on my shoes. I had not packed socks. I tend to keep extra running socks here and there so I started looking around. I was just about to give up when I checked my school messenger bag and there were some in there. Every time I see them in there they look rather odd to me but hey- I knew I'd need them at some point.  (And I've already replaced them)  It was an outstanding excellent ride in great temperatures, beautiful scenery and a decently hard effort on my part.  It's made for a short evening at home but it was worth it.

3. Work.  
  • Overwhelmed the first day with all I have to do in spite of going in a lot last week.
  • Seeing colleagues is always a plus.  Love love love my team.
  • Tired and grumpy yesterday at the realty that I have to earn a paycheck and vacation is done.
  • Meetings meetings meetings today where people used 10,500 words where a mere 100 would have made the point.  Frustrating when there is so much to do to waste time.
  • A workshop this afternoon that was fantastic!  Very concrete plans for teaching writing (Lucy Calkins - newest books) that most of us are on board with and it is very exciting.  Writing is the trickiest thing for me to teach so I love that we are following a plan. My team is going to meet on a regular basis to compare notes, share ideas, and see how it is going.  Whew.
I'm going to hit publish even though it is still Wednesday as I plan to be up and out of here early tomorrow - no time for the computer.  One minute turns into ten.

 I have no pictures to post. So maybe I'll see if I can find a sky diving one I haven't shared.
We had this group thing we always do where we share something from the summer. I bet you can guess what I shared.


Unknown said...

You know you must have had a great summer vacation when going back to work is such a let down. I don't get summer's off, so I'm envious!

Char said...

Just as well you stash socks everywhere. No better way to cause a blister than to go sockless.

I had a similar problem on Tuesday when I went to get dressed after my shower (at speed session). I pulled out my clothes and there were no undies! Having to decide between the disgusting sweaty ones and going commando is not easy. Luckily when I looked more thoroughly I found them. Phew.

Kate Geisen said...

Meetings...bleh. I feel your pain! On day 2 with kiddos and it's ok. I'm cautiously optimistic.

I am always wearing dirty socks I left in my car after a previous ride, and I'm always finding clean underwear that I stash either in the pocket of the skirt/shorts/jeans I'm
Changing into after a ride or left in my bag. Half the time I just leave my bike shorts on til I get home, so I have as much underwear stashed elsewhere as in my dresser!

Johann said...

I'm feeling your pain with the meetings that take so long. Hate them! I wish I could write my paycheck from running related income. That is a dream of mine.

Michelle said...

I hear ya'. School really messes with my workouts! :) And if it makes you feel any better (or should we feel worse?) meetings are the same on the west coast. 10000 words when it should've been 100. Worked little bits to get my room ready for the last week, and still feel overwhelmed. How does that happen? We are using Lucy Calkins this year to. The team seems very excited about it. Bet Lucy can fit in all her workouts!

Kandi said...

Meetings where 10,500 words are used where 500 would suffice sums up most of the ones I attend at work.
Also, I have a quote pinned up in my office 'Don't let the thought of being overwhelmed overwhelm you.' It is a good reminder!

christa said...

Life is so much easier when work doesn't get in the way....

Ransick said...

I can't imagine how hard it would be to go back to work after a whole summer off. I was off three weeks once between jobs and I had completely filled my days and would have been fine never going back :-).

Liz said...

As always I admire your dedication to training. Hopefully you'll manage to get a routine going with work and working out.

Anne said...

OMG!! Just read back a few are amazing!! That skydive is incredible...seriously, you're my hero! I love your are so gutsy! I just loved watching that :) Plus, talk about a cool header!

Hope you have a good group at school this year and I definitely hear you on people using so many words to say so little sometimes...especially during meetings!