Monday, August 12, 2013

Lake Dunmore Tri Race Report

The Swim
  • Men went after women in the swim today. I had no idea this was happening until just before the start.  I.DO.NOT.LIKE.SWIMMING.BEFORE.MEN.
  • When all the men swam past it became very wavy.  Very wavy.
  • I went way wide of the buoys so no men would swim me over. Cost me some time.
  • My swim time was 4 seconds slower than in June at this same tri. I was sure the course was MUCH longer today but since the times are close I guess it wasn't.  
  • How do they know where to put those buoys and measure the distance?
  • I definitely was in a bit of a panic mode while swimming. I had to tell myself to calm down. I could do it. It would end.  
My friend, Sara, who did her first tri today.  She is hooked!

Transition 1

    • I didn't think my transition from swim to bike was too slow but it was.  The wet suit didn't come off too hard but something took me a long time.  
    • It was 13 seconds slower than in June.  
    • I didn't bother to put on bike gloves so was hoping that would SAVE me some time.
    • I need to figure this out.
    Not as organized as some times.  The woman
    next to me put her stuff out between bikes
    rather than under her bike. Last time
    you could have used my transition area as a how to
    set it up.

    The Bike

      • The bike was different because of the way the waves were. 
      • I didn't pass too many people.  There was one woman who passed me in the beginning and I spent the rest of the time trying to keep her in my sights. I almost caught up to her on the long hill but she got ahead of me on the flats. I got to the finish slightly ahead of her but she got off her bike and to the mat quicker.  She helped me keep my pace up though. I love having someone to stay with.
      • My bike was 45 seconds slower than in June but almost a minute faster than the relay in July.
      • I was highest in the ratings in the bike but only by 1 more than the run. I was very consistent overall.
      Transition 2

        • The second transition was 3 seconds faster than June but I am not sure why. I COULD NOT REMEMBER HOW TO RACK MY BIKE. I am completely serious. I had serious brain freeze and as I was trying various positions I got it stuck and spent time untangling it and still trying to do it right. Look to the left or  right to see other bikes??? Never thought of it.  I swear this took me 20 - 30 seconds.

        The Run
          • When I started running my legs were seriously dead.  My pace was slow and I felt I had nothing to give. I couldn't wait to be done.  
          • Later when I checked my Garmin I was surprised my first mile was 10 something. I thought it was much slower.  The other two miles were in the 9s.
          • I picked it up a little and passed more people running than I did biking.  
          • But by no means was I moving fast.
          • My run was 33 seconds faster than June but I don't know how. I was sure it was going to be several minutes slower.

          Random Thoughts
            • Overall I was 28 seconds slower than June.  I know this isn't much but I am disappointed I can't improve my time at this tri.  Two weeks ago in NH I improved by 5 - 6 minutes.  Here I can't get up to my first one and each one is a bit slower.  They are all pretty similar but I am not going in the direction I want.

            • I won my age group.  1/1 I was actually the oldest woman there. But a friend of mine who is one year younger kicked butt!  She was 12 minutes faster than I was.  She improved her time from June by a lot. I am seriously impressed.  And next year she'll be in my age group.  Oops.
            • I talked to a woman who was one of the older women there and she just started doing these last year too. (She improved her time this year by 6 minutes.)
            • I was 66/84 overall with the bike/run being 60/61.  The swim was 67/84.  Like I said, consistent.  I guess there's worse things to be.
            • I truly love triathlons.  Love them. They leave me flying high all day and into the next. Much better than crack.


            Unknown said...

            good job! By the way, being the oldest women out there is actually very cool. You rock!

            I think you are too hard on yourself. Some races will be your best, some will be your worst, but MOST will be in between. I don't think you should be expecting always to be improving.

            EB said...

            Congrats on another race! I think it's awesome that you were the oldest woman there!!

            Darlene said...

            I think you are brave to even try one.

            Kathy McGroddy-Goetz said...

            Great job!!! What a gorgeous day for it!!! Have a wonderful birthday :)

            christa said...

            Sorry I missed it!

            Char said...

            Congratulations. An age group win is a win regardless of time.

            Johann said...

            Well done with another triathlon in the bag! Great to win your age group! I really admire you for doing these. Very impressive!

            Anonymous said...

            You were the most "mature" woman out there! You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. While the clock may not lie, there are so many different factors that contribute to your time outside of the actual swimming, biking, running and transitioning that you really shouldn't sweat 28 seconds.

            Fran said...

            Congrats! I think you had a great race and you can be proud that you do this at your age. There aren't many that do that.

            Kandi said...

            Congrats on the finish and the AG win (you beat all those in your AG who didn't compete)! I can't imagine swimming with the guys behind you. Sounds awful and like you would have been faster in the swim if that wasn't the case.