Thursday, January 3, 2013

Numbers for 2012 and Goals for 2013

Here are some stats for 2012.

18 = races done (includes tris etc.)
3 = triathlons done
1= duathons
1 = bones broken (so so sad at the time)
1067.1 = miles run (made 1000 but not by much)
103,922 yards swum (sounds impressive but not really)
1821.8 bike miles ridden (pretty sweet!)
8 = commutes to work (pretty sad!)

I'm most proud of the triathlons done.
I'm most disappointed by the number of commutes to work. The first year I took up biking I couldn't run at all and I wasn't swimming so I biked to work all the time!

I have been keeping records for many years.
Here are two highest and lowest.

Highest number of races 23 in 2011, lowest 11 in 2006
Highest number of miles run 1655.5 in 2009, lowest 1067.1 in 2012

When I think about my goals for next year I don't have any huge goals that are new.  I still want to try to ride a century and that will be my biggest biking goal.  I want to balance racing and biking and find it hard to combine the two in the fall which is a prime season for both. I loved not having a lot of races this fall so weekends could be devoted to those long bike rides.  I already have a late Sept. half marathon which will change that next fall.   I want to continue to cross train as I have found it works very well for me on many levels.  I want to stay sane and know when I can't do it all.  This is mainly during school.  I want to continue to race new races, race each month and see bloggy buddies when possible. I always want to race with family when possible.  And I guess I still want to learn to change a flat! I don't really have new goals as I still want to concentrate on triathlons which are oh so new to me. And have I mentioned.........I have already registered for a triathlon for the summer of 2013!


Ransick said...

I'm impressed with your numbers for the year! You should be pretty proud of those. I'm also impressed with your triathlon accomplishments. What a great feeling of being alive doing tris brings.

Char said...

I noticed on my son's Facebook page that he's thinking of doing some tris this year. He likes to cycle and run but swimming's not his forte. I may be coming for you for advice :-)

Unknown said...

Great stats despite the broken bone. Cheer to 2013!

Christopher Weaver said...

Nice job! Good luck in 2013!

Kate Geisen said...

You have BIG numbers!! :) I just looked at my running stats...401 miles for the year. And that's with a 100 mile Feb!!

I wish you were going to be this way this year!

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Awesome goals!! Amazing number of miles run this year on top of all your biking and tri training! You must have super powers! ;)

Average Woman Runner said...

Very impressive numbers...and with a broken bone no less. Didn't seem to slow you down much at all!

christa said...

Great numbers Andrea!!!

Kandi said...

Very impressive numbers and great goals for 2013!

Darlene said...

Impressed as usual.

Michael said...

First you totally made me laugh when I read your comment about me swimming 52 miles at once on my blog...heck the 1.2 miles for the Half Iron about killed me!!

Great 2012, I hope 2013 shapes up and is even better!!

Katie said...

awesome year!!!

Unknown said...

WOWSERS! You had a busy athletic year! I don't think we have that many races here in Hawaii! You got some good running mileage. I did 1000+ miles last year too. My first time.

Liz said...

Your stats for last year are fantastic! Bring on another year of races and triathlons!