Sunday, January 6, 2013


I got the idea for this from Michael at Slowly Tri-ing.  She earned a boatload of medals
in 2013. When I went through my races my haul was paltry in comparison but if I have a chance to play with my medals I'm going to. So first the medals from this year and then a few favorites from past years.

Half at the Hamptons - I believe I have 3 of these.  This newer design was not my favorite.

Garden of the Gods

The Circle Triathlon - Loved this!  Loved their motto printed on the other side,
 (the skills, courage,and confidence to tri)  loved
that I have a triathlon medal. Didn't know I was getting one.

Vermont City Marathon

Providence Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler - I actually paid
to get this one when I signed up.  I do like it and don't 
expect to do this one again any time soon so it was 
worth it.

Past Medals
Here are a few of my older medals.

This may be my favorite medal - just the look of it.

My first running race - I placed and won a medal in
my age group.

I like this Maine medal in the shape of the state.

A different Half at the Hamptons medal.

Another Maine medal - All Women and One Lucky Guy

Just a 5K but liked it. This year we didn't
get a medal.

Another Big Lake one - love the colors.

Like this half one - the shape of the lake

VCM is what I have the most medals from. I think I have 
6 in all.

Do you like medals? Do you ever choose a race based on the medal?  What medals are your favorite?


Darlene said...

I love getting medals...wish I has more.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Here's my entire collection. Love medals.

christa said...

We have some of the same medals. I'm excited for a medal from the middlebury half!!

Unknown said...

Nice collection! Most of our races only give t-shirts. I bet your collection will more than double in 2013.

middleagedrunner said...

Ooooooh! Love the bling! You have a pretty sweet collection- love the VCM medals. Like you, I'm not crazy about the Hampton Half medals either. All medals are fun though!

Char said...

I love medals and trophies. I never got any as a kid except for the couple I won for discus throwing when I was 17. I always wanted a trophy and I got my first at 21 for memorising scripture. I'd really wanted one for being an amazing sportswoman but that didn't happen until I got old and all the real amazing sportswomen dropped out of the sport. I think my favourite trophy would have to be the one I got from my squad for baking - says a lot about my running skills doesn't it?!!

Char said...
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Kate Geisen said...

I do like medals. But my collection is super small. Most bike races and adventure races don't give them out...or only do to winners. :P Oh, well. Your collection is pretty awesome, though. You have some really cool medals!

Average Woman Runner said...

You do have some great bling - and I actually like that first Hamptons medal of the scallop shell.

Giorgio said...

Beautiful medals collection. I love getting them :)

Liz said...

I really like the shell medal, because it's so unusual. The Adirondack lake one looks great too.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I have one of the age group medals like you. Mine is bronze (third place) though.

Kandi said...

You have a nice medal collection.
I think I only have 4 medals and two of them I got this year. I have my first 10k medal and my fist marathon medals hanging in my office at work. The other two are at home not on display. Most of the races I run do not have medals and I'm ok with that.

Runner Leana said...

I love the Cherry Blossom medal! So pretty! I love getting medals. I've framed a good majority of them, or else a few have made good ornaments on the Christmas tree. I guess since I'm doing the Goofy this weekend I guess I can say that yes, I'd do a race just for the medals!

Kate Geisen said...

This is actually the first year for the Shivery race. It's being put on by my friends. I've run the trails there plenty, though never at night. There are going to be tons if friends and fun people there, so I'm super excited.

Ransick said...

Very cool medals! Do you ever do a particular race just because it has a cool medal?

Michael said...

Why do we love medals so much? I don't know, but often my race choice will come down to the medal. Sad I know. Those are some fun ones. I hope to have some New England medals some day :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I LOVE collecting my finisher medals!! Congrats on all the successful racing

Anne said...

LOVE that tri medal :) You are so cool!! This year, although it wasn't planned, I ended up doing two RnR races (Montreal became an RnR race for the first time last year). Anyway, that means I got their Encore medal - two guitars. It's kinda cute! I see you have yours hanging nicely :) I need one of those!

Unknown said...

Wow that is an impressive collection of medals. I only have a midnight chrity walk and some race for life 5k ones. Well done you, good luck on getting lots more in 2013

Anne said...

Hi :) ...the Montreal RnR marathon should be Sunday September 22 - unless they push it to the 29th. The weather is usually nice...and the half marathon course is relatively nice, but not flat and easy. I'm still hoping to do VCM at some point!