Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Monuments and Memorial Run

I decided Friday's run was going to be all about the Monuments and Memorials - time to look and time to take pictures. It was hotter but didn't feel as humid. But when I was done I drank and drank and drank cold water. I ended up with 10 miles which surprised me.  So yes I took pictures - some typical and many I thought I would take a picture of just a small part of the monument or memorial.  But I didn't think of that at first.

First stop: Lincoln Memorial

It is hard to get a  good shop without lots of tourists (like I'm not one) doing foolish things in front of them. So this is the cropped version.

Korean War Memorial

This is a memorial I need to read more about. I had a hard time not getting my profile reflecting on the wall but eventually managed it.

Martin Luther King Junior Memorial

This is obviously when I decided not to show the typical shot.
There are many wonderful quotes to choose from.

F.D.R. Memorial 
Always one of my favorites

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

This is the place to be on a hot day.  Lots of cross breezes!
(steps going down)

Washington Monument

World War 2 Memorial

Vietnam Wall

This is an old picture but I love it. Early morning run
with the Washington Monument reflected in the Vietnam Wall.

Last stop: Albert Einstein Memorial

Park Service Ranger Station
You didn't know this was a monument.  It is a monument
to hot, thirsty runners with the coldest water available
and clean bathrooms.  Definitely worth a shout out.


Char said...

It's hard not to be inspired by everything that you've shown here - and I'm not even american. You've had a long history of great and inspiring leaders.

Kate Geisen said...

Beautiful pictures, and I really love that FDR quote. What a fun idea to run-tour. And that park ranger memorial sounds pretty fabulous! :)

Ransick said...

Great idea with the running tour. Loved the pictures!

Liz said...

What a great idea for an interesting run! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Fran said...

Great photos, I had no idea Washington had so many memorials.

Darlene said...

I can tell you are a teacher.

Teamarcia said...

Haha! The ranger station sounds divine! Nice run!

Amy said...

Awesome way to do a tour - especially love the park service ranger stop - they can always be counted on for nice bathrooms and a drinking fountain, we stopped at many on our recent trip, too!

Kandi said...

Trying to catch up on my blogs! Great photos!! I run by a lot of these things on a regular basis.