Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Delightful Birthday

Always one of my favorite sites when you come up 
over a hill to see Lake Champlain spread out before you.

I planned my whole workout week around today. It's my birthday and the only thing I wanted on the docket was a bike ride.  Before I had PF two years ago I only ran but that year I began cycling to keep in shape. I knew shortly after I started that I wasn't going to let cycling drop out  of my life again.  When I broke my wrist early this summer, aside from missing my triathlon my biggest concern was not being able to ride.  When my doctor told me I could bike again, I waited a bit longer to be sure but getting back on my bike was a wonderful thing!

So with the time well planned and the weather cooperating I headed to my favorite cycling spot - the island county in the north western part of my state.  A friend went with me and we took our time and enjoyed every tenth of the 33 miles we cycled.  I took the time to stop and take pictures, have a drink of water or a snack. It was all about........relaxation.
Most of this ride is along the   water.

My friend was worried I would be way ahead of her and she would be holding me back.  People who don't race seem to have a misconception that everyone who races is fast.  Well I'm not and today especially I am so not hurrying!  

The water isn't the only pretty thing on this ride.

On the ferry headed to New York 

The ride in New York is just a short one, 6 miles around a peninsula.  But between the beauty of the ride and the fun of the ferry it is worth it.  While on the ferry you can just enjoy the lake, relax and have a snack.  When you're on the west side you can look back and see Plattsburg and there is a spot where you come around a corner and look out at the lake but you feel like you're looking at the ocean. All you can see is water.
So many people out enjoying the day..

All you can see is water in the distance.

My friend sees that I am not way ahead!

Back on the ferry headed back to Vermont.

Out for dinner last night with my favorite men!

I always love my birthday. Yes, I'm getting older but life keeps getting better and it sure beats the alternative!  This will be my last year in my 50s but this has been a good decade of my life in the working out part and I expect this year to just continue that trend.  So happy birthday to me!


Char said...

You may be getting older (as are we all) but you don't let that stop you trying new things. It's great that you don't use age as an excuse. And I think if you have that attitude you'll never truly be old.

janruns said...

Have a happy birthday!

Ransick said...

Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate it!

Paul said...

Happy birthday! Looks like it was a great day!

Just think of all the AG awards you'll get next year 8)

Jill said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!!! Love how much you love your birthday :).

HappyTrails said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! And a beautiful bike ride and dinner with special guys capped it off perfectly! :-)

Unknown said...

Well, Happy Birthday!!!

I know what you mean about people who think that just because you enter race, that you are fast. Heck, I have done a marathon, half marathons, and some other long distance foot races and I am painfully slow. Every that I eventually talk into trying a marathon or half marathon, pass me on the course. Haha!

As for the bike, well, I usually finish in the upper 25 or 30% in triathlons, but I enjoy just taking a casual ride once in a while. Yeah, we need to training, but I want to enjoy life too.

Average Woman Runner said...

Happy birthday! You have certainly set the stage for another great decade!

Black Knight said...

Happy birthday! You look like your last year in your 40s!
It sounds like a wonderful birthday.

Amy said...

Happy birthday!!! Looks like you really had a wonderful day!

Cinthia said...

Happy, happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! It sounds as if you had a great day (woot-woot).

Johann said...

Happy Birthday! You had the perfect day and you are doing so much this year. You are a true inspiration.

Darlene said...

Sounds like a great day. Now we're the same age. Yes we are getting better.

Fran said...

Happy belated birthday dear Andrea.

Seems to me you had a fantastic day.

Kandi said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a lovely day.

Kate Geisen said...

What a wonderful birthday! When I wished you HBD on Facebook and said I hope you got to do the things you loved, what I pictured was biking. (and maybe looking through your tri pictures :D).

My dad always said that about getting older beating the alternative, and you do way cooler things than people half your age! I love the way you really live your life and put yourself out there.

Lindsay said...

i hope i am still as active as you in my 50's! you are a rockin' mama :) glad you had a good day!

Fran said...

I was wondering if someone would ask what it was on my last picture on my last post.

It's a cross road and they tried to make it more "attractive". The colored things you see are fish (our village is famous for fish and our bakeries). The fish are made by an artist and painted by the people that live in the area.