Thursday, February 10, 2011

Many Things Thursday

1.  I did get to the gym for my additional two weekday workouts. Wednesday I had a quite successful tempo run!  I had all kinds of energy.  Today I felt similarly to Tuesday and just got through it.  Soon it will be the weekend and I will be running outside!  

2. Tomorrow I go to both my PT and my chiro to see how my heel is doing! It's doing quite well thank you!  I remain pleased but cautious.  I am always waiting for the pain to start again.  It isn't perfect now, I have little twinges but I do mean little!

3. Mood at work is lifting but we are all just making it to the weekend.  Thank God for the students who can lift you up (as well as bring you down.)  One thing for sure is it is never boring and you don't have too much time to be gloomy.  In spite of it being a horrific week I got a lot done at work. My web page is finally active - that took forever!  My students are doing an awesome writing piece. We have spent a lot of time learning about the race to be first at the South Pole.  Each student is now writing a series of letters from Robert F. Scott to his wife.  "He" writes as they are getting ready for the race, on the way to the Pole, at the Pole and on the way back - until just before his whole team dies!  Yes, a real mood lifter! Seriously it is a fascinating piece of history.  The students can really show their voice in the letters.  These letters are then made into a book.  The whole Antarctica thing is my favorite thing I teach all year.  Now we are moving onto penguins and the kids will think they have died and gone to heaven.  Of course one of the highlights is learning there is a jackass penguin - after all these are 8 + 9 year olds.

4. I was asked today how I was liking winter.  When I said I was loving it I could tell that was not the expected answer. If truth be told I am beginning to be a little quiet about my love for this winter.  I don't go on and on to my husband. He is working outside most of the day, comes home and plows the driveway and even when it hasn't snowed comes home and pushes back the driveway so a car can get through.  Then he shovels snow off the roof, rakes snow off the roof and shovels more snow off the roof.  He brings in all the wood for the wood stove to keep us very warm.  Me - I walk from my car to the building I am going to or I go for a run in it which I love.  I sit in a warm house and watch the snow gently falling outside. Or I sit in a warm house and watch the snow blowing everywhere falling like mad outside.  Hmmm.  I wonder why I like winter and he is JUST.PLAIN.SICK.OF.IT!

5. I had a student ask me today, "Just how many pairs of sneakers do you have?" I was sporting my newest pair which everyone keeps asking  if they glow in the dark.  Yeah, they are that bright and loud.  I ordered them on line and truthfully thought the color was much softer and was shocked when they came.  I had them all ready to send back when decided I needed more loudness in my life.  Got to say, I'm getting lots of compliments on them.  Just don't wear them on a day when you want to fade into the background.
Okay they look kind of soft and pretty here.........nope totally bright and in
your face.  The green is pretty much fluorescent.


2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I'd like a guy's model for that shoe. Hope the heel heals soon.

LookingUpAgain said...

The project with your students sounds fascinating:)I'm glad they're really getting in to it.

I'm also a fan of winter! But, my love will fade come March 1st. I'll be all about spring and warm-weather running by then :)

Christina said...

Glad you have students who lift your spirits. :)
They are quite amazing and definitely say some quite interesting things.

Love the winter. Love! I used to be a fall and spring girl. But now, I'm a fall and winter girl. Spring is just a sad reminder of how hot and humid Arkansas can be. Hate that!

Anne said...

Glad things at world are improving...sounds like a cool class project you're working on.
Yay for only a little itty bitty twinge :)

Ewa said...

I love penguins, it is terrible that they are in danger of extinction because of global warming.
Your hubby is a keeper.
Run a couple of times outside on salted roads and the bright color of those sneakers will go.
Good luck with the doc.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!! :D

nice to hear that things are looking up :)

Richelle said...

I just bought a pair of those same shoes at the Mall of America's Nike Store! I actually love how bright they are. They'll be perfect for the Ragnar Relay I'm doing in August.

Lauren said...

Love those students questions. My students have not asked how many shoes I have, but they have asked some fun ones. I have way too many shoes though. I really need to go through them again.

By the way, love "bright and in your face." If I wasn't afraid to switch brands, I'd definately try out your shoes. So pretty.

Amy said...

So how many pairs do you own? Love the bright ones, although I do agree they don't look that bright in the picture.

In answer to your questions: I think the teachers here go home on Wednesday afternoons mainly. They have several in service training days throughout the year and Wednesday afternoons are traditionally a time when kids so sports, art or music activities and school is closed.

For the bird's eye view, you have to click on "View Details" which will take you to my Garmin page. On the map there, across the top there are three options, "Bird's Eye" is the 3rd one - if you click on that they map should change to a 3D view as if you were flying over my neighborhood (my house is right where my run starts and ends!)

I love the project you are doing on the Pole explorers - fascinating stuff - my boys would have loved that as well. Heck, I would have loved that when i was in school!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shoes!!! I do the same thing, the brightest funnest colors! Ha, about #4! Glad you had a great tempo and caught up on the gym workouts!

Teamarcia said...

Great shoes!!! I will not cry uncle to winter...not yet...not ever!

HappyTrails said...

Bright colors are great - rock those loud shoes!!! We have a teacher friend who has his kids follow the Iditarod every year as a geographical/cultural experience and they love it!

Darlene said...

Your post makes me miss teaching! Esp the kids. The sneakers look cool - wear them in a race!!

Johann said...

Can only compliment those shoes! I'm sure they won't remain that bright for long. Enjoy your weekend!

Laura said...

So glad improvement is coming.
...I love my shoes to be loud and bright...the more the better.

Liz said...

I know what you mean about your heel. I'm aiming not to do any running until it is completely pain free for a few weeks. I still get pain quite often, but it never lasts long. But even when I don't feel it, I'm anticipating it! Good luck - hope it stays well.

Marlene said...

Nice kicks!!!

Way to go on the workouts - I didn't have a doubt.

I hope chiro and PT went well today. Have a lovely weekend!

Giorgio said...

Your post about Antarctica makes me think the
public awareness of the world problems associated with climate change.

Glad you had a great tempo run!
Have a nice weekend!

Kandi said...

Love the new sneakers. They do look soft and pretty in that pic but I bet they are still cool being loud! :)

Lee said...

Great sneakers! When I did my 10K in December we were issued a nice running jacket for signing up. The photo looked like a pretty coral color but the actual jacket were a bright orange you would see hunters wear!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Funny about the shoes! I tried on a pair of orange and white asics years ago and said they were to bright, but ended up buying them later. Now the colors wouldn't be a big deal, though.