Friday, April 2, 2010

Quarter Year Goal Check In

Here is my mid January Post about my goals for the year. It's time to check in.

Goals 2010

  • Improve 5K/10K time - I will improve on my 5K and 10K times for this calendar year. Check! I've only run two 5Ks but the second one was better than the first one.
  • Run in some new races- try out some races I have never done. I LOVED a lot of the new races I did in 2009. I plan to go back to many of them.Check! Hampton Half Marathon - great race.
  • Run in a marathon and PR - I will run in one marathon and I hope to PR. I was disappointed with my marathon last year and want to feel better about it this year.
  • Race in a new state - The only NE state I haven't raced in is Rhode Island. Maybe I can get there.
  • Get name in Burlington Free Press or New England Runner - This is always a thrill for me. As a non athlete for many years I still think of myself that way and to see my name on the sports page is huge!Check! Name in Free Press after Spring Fling.  I love seeing this!!!!
  • Race with family members- I did a lot this in 2009 and LOVED it. It will lessen as my main race partner has moved many miles away.Check! I raced with my husband on New Year's Day.  This needs to pick up though.  (Emily, Jameson???)
  • Place in age group- always a thrill! Check! Polar Cap 4 Miler 2/5  and Spring Fling 1/2.  I know I know the numbers were small but I was out there racing while many my age were not! So I'll take it!
  • Keep a race blog - This is a new one but it is going well right now. Check! Well, it's a lot more than a race blog which is what I was going to do.
  • PR in a half marathon- I did 3 half marathons last year but did not PR. I want to break the 2 hour mark.
  • Have one overall PR at any distance for the year - I go for new PRs each year to keep my interest in this up but would like to have one overall lifetime PR. Last year it was at 4 miles.
  • Be in top half of field - This is always a goal and one I feel good about when I meet as I am usually one of the older racers. One of my favorite things to do is to watch younger, fit looking racers finish after me. It is a good self esteem builder. Check! Two races - First Run 205/465 and Shamrock Shuffle 255/588
  • Race once a month at least - This is great for trying those new races. Check! January -1, February - 2 , March - 2
  • Race in 22 races overall - Last year I raced in 21. I will top it if I can.
  • Pick up my speed while training Check! No hard data but working on this.  Need to pick it up more.


Christina said...

Keep up the good work. You make me evaluate what I want to accomplish in the next few months.

Anne said...

Wow! That's a great list...I should do that for myself. Congrats of managing to check off so many items :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I like your attitude about the small group of runners in your age group - it's so true! So many people give up on staying active or just can't run anymore. Glad you want to and are able to!

Lisa said...

You are doing amazing! Looks like 2010 will be a great year for you!

Unknown said...

Wow, go big or don't go at all! You are tough and ambitious and now I'm motivated to do some more race planning. Lately I've just been trying to focus on the next big one but I guess I better think beyond that one now! Best of luck with your goals!

Monica said...

How fantastic that you have accomplished so many goals! What a wonderful reward for all your hard work and dedication. Congrats!

Suzy said...

You have met a lot of your goals already! Way to go. Will any of your races bring you to NY? I'd love to meet you.


Look at all you have accomplished! Awesome job! If you end up racing in RI let me know, J's parents live there and we go up every few months. Maybe I can coordinate a trip with a race!

EB said...

I am totally impressed (and jealous) on how well you are doing on your goals! Way to go! I think you need a few new ones to keep you busy for the next 3/4 of the year! Congrats.

Julie said...

I love all of your checks:) You are such a go getter!! I would love to see you pass a bunch of young studly runners too!!! I would also enjoy cheering you on:) Your family must be very proud of you!! Good luck on all of your goals! You can totally do them!!

Marathonman101108 said...

Great job! Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

Wow, you did really well on reaching a lot of your goals - congratulations! Hope you have a happy Easter ( and by the way I love the new header photo)!

Anonymous said...

You are kicking some goal booty early in the year. Keep it rolling!

Lindsay said...

You made such a variety of running goals and have checked just about all of them off already! I think at the June/July check point you'll need to list new ones :)