Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday

From my outstanding bike ride.

1. Today was a 9 bag day.  It's amazing what working out adds to an already busy life. The time I spent packing for today to say nothing of executing my workouts!  Here are my bags:

Swimming - 2 bags, 1 wet and 1 dry
Biking - 2 bags - lots of extra stuff in case it was cold
Running  - 1 bag
School/work - 1 bag
Library - 1 bag
Small bag to carry book etc. to dentist appointment

But I got new library books and had 3 good workouts so it was worth the time.  My bike ride was incredibly awesome.  It was short (15 miles) but so so wonderful.  As I was riding I was trying to figure out what was making it even better than usual. I never figured it out, just decided to enjoy it totally!

2. Wednesday started out a bit differently. I was at school frantically getting ready for the kids to bust in the door  to start the day when the fire alarm went off.  What?  So outdoors all the staff went and soon the students were arriving and trickling through the parking lot.  Our outdoor crowd kept getting bigger and bigger. Usually fire alarm drills are quiet, orderly affairs but this drill? practice? real fire? wasn't. People were milling about talking and wondering what was  going on. Every second time one of my students asked me what was going on and when we could go in the building I told them ever so patiently of course that they knew just as much as I did.  Eventually we got the message that we should have our morning meetings out there. So all over the playground classes were circling up and starting their meetings. Of course my plans were inside so it was all made up on the spot.  The greeting we did was one we were always squished doing but here we had plenty of room. (Look at me being positive.)  I had a colleague ask me about it later as she said it looked like a fun greeting. (It is.)  Then we had sharing. I was running out of sharing ideas so I polled my kids and they wanted to bring collections. About 3 kids a day are bringing one.  I have to say I LOVE seeing their collections.  Today they reminded me their collections were right in their backpacks which they had brought from home.  Then every class out there was playing, Duck Duck Goose, so we had to join the party.  Well 3 kids got hurt on the stones and finally it was time to go in. The worst part was that we were out there for a FULL HOUR and I missed some of my oh so precious special when the kids aren't with me and I have time to plan!!!  But other than that we really did quite well for an impromptu unplanned hour outdoors with the whole school.
And what was the problem? The fire alarm got pulled and then it wouldn't go off so we had to wait for the fire department to come and make sure it was functioning correctly.

3. Today on the radio I heard about what has to be the worst job ever............boa constrictor catcher in NYC. If you lose your boa there is a man to call! I heard it on NPR!


Unknown said...

Wow. 9 bags is a lot of stuff to carry around and/or organize.

Teamarcia said...

I guess you're an official bag lady. Yes anything to do with a boa would be the worst job for sure. Yikes.

Kate Geisen said...

9 bags. That's hilarious, though I feel like I'm moving out when I pack my stuff for a long ride, so I guess I shouldn't laugh.

We had a looooong fire evac last year for a false alarm. Similar to your situation. It was so hot out. Miserable.

I LOVE that kind of bike ride when it just feels great. Have to savor those!

Kate Geisen said...

P.S. today was my last Thursday of the school year!

Char said...

I don't know. I think having to clean the teeth of the crocs at Australia Zoo would be a pretty nasty job. Years ago it would have been the men who took away the bins from the outdoor loos who had the worst job ever. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing.

Ransick said...

Ha, bag lady came to mind like Marcia said :-). The back seat of my car is an add station with nutrition, gloves, water, etc. I guess it's time to put the gloves away.

Paul said...

Oh man all those bags..I *hate* that stuff.

Worst Job? You mean *best* job. I had a boa and reticulate python when I was a kid. They were very affectionate snakes...the boa very calm, the python more emotional.

The boa hid himself in the house after a very big meal and eventually my dad noticed some books on the bookshelf in his office that were kind of pushed! Found him 8)

Jill said...

Hahah @ Kate. I have bags under my eyes, does that add to the count? :)

Sounds like a blast "outdoors" today. High school fire drills are the best because all the kids are on the cell phones then half the kids never come back. Makes me almost miss it some days. Maybe. :)

Um, a job that involves a snake will never occur in my life. If my kids apply for that job, I'm selling them (the kids and the snake :)).

Amy said...

9 Bag Day - love it!

Impromptu class outside sounds pretty neat - as long as the weather is okay, that is!

Fran said...

You could almost use a trailer behind your car or bike for all the bags you have to carry LOL.

Liz said...

Class in the playground sounds like a case of great fun for the kids, chaos for the teacher! It seems that you managed to have fun though.

christa said...

9 bags! Woah! I usually have 3 on a regular day and 4 if I'm going to run outside. Guess you can't ride your bike to work when you have to carry 9 bags to work.

Michael said...

I've never thought about my day in terms of bags, but I've definitely had those kinds of days. Jim always says that's why he'll never get into triathlon...way too much stuff to haul around and it's so, so true!

Black Knight said...

If I lose my boa I can call a man; but if I lose my mother in law (more dangerous than the boa) who can I call?

Alisa said...

Yikes, I'm NOT a fan of snakes, that would be a terrible job...but maybe not as bad as a spider trapper. That would be worse for me.

Welcome to the bag lady world. I often am carrying around multiple bags for multiple purposes. Well, not right now since I can't carry anything. Right now I'm backpack lady :).