Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Quite Different Things Thursday

1. Okay let's start with working out as that is the purpose of this blog. I am tired. I am exhausted. Why you might ask?  I have done doubles for four days in a row. If my memory serves me correctly I:
The first one happened in the morning with the second workout happening after school.  And it isn't the workouts that have me tired. It is the getting up early four days in a row. Sure I get up for work those days but not quite that early!  Usually I plan out just when I am doing what but this week I wrote: Bike when you can!  There were rainstorms and thunder showers all over my weather apps for the week.  Morning, noon and night.  But it turned out I could fit in the bike rides I wanted. All were fairly short. One was on a lovely Middlebury route but they all happened!

Now I am ready to rest and get ready for the two person relay on Sunday.  Vermont City Marathon is the best!  Every day there is an article or two in the paper. I am getting lots of emails with information. Facebook has great updates. It would be hard not be excited about VCM!  Tomorrow I will go to the Expo!  I wonder what I'll see that I need!  My goal for the race is to improve my last half's time.  I also want as always to have fun fun fun!
Back in the day when I ran the whole thing!

2. Wednesday we went on another field trip and I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was. It was to the Montshire Museum, slightly less than 2 hours away.  Four teachers took their classes. Two of us had been before and pretty much talked the other two into going. They were hesitant due to the distance. But now everyone is on board.  It is a total hands on science museum with tons of stuff to do.  It has expanded since I last visited.  The outdoor science playground which contained many water experiments was a huge hit.  Students were engaged the whole time we were there and well behaved.  The day was a delight.  I have to say the kids were very appreciative  of the trip which is not always the case.  I am still feeling a little giddy from the fun a whole day later.

3.  I am clearly keeping my teacher hat on with this one.  I know I make grammatical and spelling errors. I do like to know when I do especially if it is going home to parents.  Sometimes it is hard not to correct people on Facebook.  My biggest pet peeve is the incorrect use of your/you're.  Today I have a new one.  I can't tell you how many times I saw something about the lightEning storm.  In fact I began to think this had become an accepted spelling but nope.  Lightning is what we see in the sky.  Lightening is what happens to your backpack when you take some heavy books out.  Or it may be something you do to your hair.  But it is not what scares many dogs and cats as summer storms arrive.


christa said...

What that's not how to spell lightning? Weird. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday!! Have fun!

Kate Geisen said...

I volunteered at the Lightning Strikes adventure camp this year, and while I like the shirt I don't like wearing it bc the back says "Lightening Strikes".

I don't know how you fit in all the workouts you do. You amaze me! I've lost a huge excuse with my job, but now I'm semi-sick so running on my own still isn't happening.

Half Crazed Runner said...

That race sounds like fun. I hope you get good weather!

Teamarcia said...

Have fun this weekend at VCM! I've heard so many great things about that race.

Kandi said...

Have fun at VCM! You always make me want to come run it.
I love a good science museum. We have one in Baltimore that is very hands-on and fun too.

Char said...

There, their and they're. To and too. Could of instead of could have.

I thought all these things were drummed into people in primary school. They certainly were to me.

Good luck with your run this weekend.

Alisa said...

Haha, yes, grammar problems! Mine pet peeve is the misuse of there/their/they're...ugh!

I use ellipses too much in blogging and commenting but I figure that's a different forum.

Great work on all the double days. I miss doubles. Yesterday I hit a new record of 45 minutes of broken foot approved work out time.