Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Last year the covered bridge was being repaired so there
was a detour.  I rode my bike through it the other day. I actually rode 
on a lot of the route I'll be running on Sunday.

1.  I have a half marathon on Sunday... again. I will be running and walking again. I guess my goal is to beat my time from 3 weeks ago.  Believe me I am not positive that will happen.  I am still so slow. I am not sure if I am using my injury as an excuse and being lazy and not doing harder workouts.  It isn't completely healed but it is oh so close. I do feel like I can pick it up more.  I actually do this best on the treadmill but I'm not setting the thing on fire.  Still, I  am looking forward to the half on Sunday. The weather should be good, it's a pretty course and there is always the bakery after, right?

2. This week here has been gorgeous!  No problem getting some good biking in.  I rode after running on Monday and while my car's tires were being changed on Tuesday.  I've had doubles 3 days this week and tomorrow just biking will be lovely.  I'm getting my hair cut and I love the riding out there so my bike is already packed. I am going to take Saturday off before the half and rest by cleaning the laundry room!  Actually I have a lot to get done and I'm kind of looking forward to having the time to do it.

3. My swimming - I guess it is what it is. Today felt particularly slow and I didn't feel very motivated.  But I went. I got it done.  I guess that counts for something.

4. I have no big April recap but I love my stats (especially compared to March).
Running 99.2 (37.9)
Biking 279.8 (11.3)
Swimming 12,900 yards (25,900)

The swimming had to go down. I couldn't keep that up while adding biking and running back in.  My biking miles just make me smile and smile! And truthfully I'm pretty darn happy to see those running miles back up there also!

May the month of May find us all finding our workout bliss and staying healthy and uninjured.


Jill said...

Very solid March for you, way to knock that out! I went to the pool twice, I think - bleh.

Good luck with the half this weekend...don't worry about your time, just have fun and you can work on that speedy stuff later :).

Char said...

That race sounds like a lovely one. I love those covered bridges - so Madison County. And a trip to the bakery after is a just reward for running 21.1k

Fran said...

Good luck next Sunday. You will do fine!

Amy said...

It is difficult when you start to feel better to hold back...but I think it is worth it to play it safe, and be careful with your body. After all, it's the only one you've got!

Good luck with the race - I know it will go well for you!

Darlene said...

The weather will be perfect. Just have fun. You will be speedy again. Will I see you June 23?

Karen said...

I think biking would make me smile too if I had such pretty scenery around. Hang in there with the running, it will come back. Have a great weekend!

Teamarcia said...

You have excellent stats! Heck of alot better than mine. :) Enjoy your race!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your race!

Black Knight said...

Very good stats and may will be better, I am sure.
Good luck on sunday and don't worry for the finishing time, you are again in "healing time".

Alisa said...

Well, we know how your half marathon went already.

Gorgeous pic of the bike. I love setting my bike out and taking it's photo. Sadly, that's another thing I won't be doing anytime soon...all in time though!

I think you're doing great with the swimming, especially since I get the sense that you don't love it =).

Welcome to the world of triathloning...aka trying to fit it all in!