Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not the Smartest Bicyclist in the Bunch

The weather here has been fabulous which makes it easier to not have to scramble to bike when it's not raining. But last week was busy so it was more about fitting in my workouts when I could. Following my half last weekend I did doubles MTW.  Good planning? Of course not but that is how the week unfolded.  I did something in the morning before work followed by a different workout after work.  Monday's bike ride was a new one, 23 miles or so and very scenic. It was a bit hilly but okay. I am amazed at the roads near me I never go on.  Two of these roads I never go on in a car or anything so it was delightful.  

The rest of the workouts were pretty typical until Saturday. I ran 10 miles and a little bit also in a new place.  It's really not a road I'm likely to repeat as there was a lot of traffic but it was nice to go elsewhere. What I'm most amazed about is how lame I am in today.  I ran 13 last weekend so why am I lame now?  I hadn't planned to run today which worked out well.  Today I planned a long bike ride which didn't quite happen.  I did 20 on one of my regular routes with a friend I never bike with and that was wonderful. 

 Then I started out on the second part where I was going to do 30 on a route I haven't done in a long time.  I am dying to get 50 in and can't seem to get there.  A little bit down the road, my chain came off. I stopped to fix it and could not get my right shoe out of the clip.  I have been having trouble with this but thought it was me. I actually had to take my foot out of the shoe and then I got the shoe out.  If this had been the other side I would have done something about it sooner because that is my dismounting side.  But when I got going I could not could not absolutely could not clip in again. Finally I stop to check it out and something is missing from my shoe and pedal. So I ride up and down this road a few times trying to find it. No luck. I go back to my car and go to a bike shop which was just opening. I really need to give this shop more business as I love them.  I went there for a different repair once and was so pleased.  Well, I had lost my cleat because I hadn't tightened it when it was loose. Who knew?  The guy put a new cleat on, fixed the pedal, sold me a set of wrenches to do it myself,  (ha!) fixed my chain problem and told me he would show me how to fix a flat.  I decided to wait. Never did he show his astonishment at my ignorance of all things to do with maintaining a bike.  He did keep saying when you put a lot of miles on which I liked that he assumed I would put a lot of miles on.  Once I left I decided it was time to go home and spend MD with my son and husband so still no 50 miles for me this year. It had also gotten much colder and I was a bit chilled from stopping. I did get 25 in so that was okay.  Not great but okay!  

Now pictures of Mother's Day and a field trip in my work life!
Biking with Sara - we biked well together.

A picture on the bridge where I usually prop my bike.

Later going for a walk with my grand dog, Jaxon.

What a clown!

Prancing with his stick.

So much to explore and do.

Just hanging out after the walk.

At the Biodome in Montreal. Loved watching this beaver swim.

Always love cats!

Penguins are pretty awesome too.

There is a sloth in there.  I always spend a lot of time finding
the sloth and watching the sloth.  It was great when
he moved because then you could see him.

Walking through the rainforest environment.


Char said...

I don't know why he should be astonished that you have little ability as a bike mechanic. I bet he'd totally suck at wrangling a class full of mini-people on an excursion let alone teach them the intricacies of modern maths. We each have our own unique skill set.

Anne said...

Oh! You came to Montreal :) The funny thing is, I was in Burlington for dinner on April 29th, because we flew to Florida from Burlington :) Some day, we'll manage to actually talk in person! Congrats on your sounds like you did great! I'm so glad you're back out there enjoying yourself :)

Ransick said...

Happy Mother's Day!

It's always fun changing up the route and seeing new things. Nice work out week! Looks like a fun field trip too.

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day and how cool - a field trip to Montreal!

Johann said...

I must admit that is one reason I don't like cycling. I hate being dependent on anything mechanical. I hate working and doing things like fixing bikes and wheels and whatever... I am a digital and electronics type of guy. I can fix and program anything electronic and/or digital. But a mechanic... I suck! :)

Anonymous said...

I am horrible at bike maintenance, which is just another reason why I don't bike much.

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day.

Kathy said...

I'm a bike repair dunce, I'll own it. I've been shown how to change a tire countless times to no avail.
I've got a bike shop like yours. The gearheads are really nice guys and always pleasant and helpful. I am glad I don't know what's going through their minds though. I'm OK with that.

Black Knight said...

Late congrats for your 25th half marathon: an important goal achieved.
Changing the route is the best way to enjoy always more our workouts.
Impossible to me to repair something.

Liz said...

How nice to have such a helpful bike shop to go to. Learning about bike maintenance is one of those things i keep meaning to do and never get around to.

Jennifer said...

I need to find a mechanic like yours! I always feel so overwhelmed by my bike and all the parts. Great pics too!

Fran said...

Great workouts!

From my home I can go in 4 different directions for my run and I've mapped out routes for all distances (from 5K till 21K) in different directions so I don't run the same route over and over again. For my before work runs I often do use the same route however.

I can't believe how much Jaxxon has grown. He's a mature dog now and looks fantastic.

Teamarcia said...

A bike shop would be mortified at my ignorance of bike maintenance as well. Glad MOther's Day was nice!

Kandi said...

What a great bike shop to get you all fixed up and teach you how to fix them on your own.
I love all the pictures of Jax. He's awesome! I wish I could let my pups off leash but it's not safe where I live.
Glad you had a happy mother's day!