Sunday, May 5, 2013

Racing is Fun Again

Oh my, I had fun today at the Maple Half.  It was an unbelievably gorgeous day.  Middlebury was buzzing with excitement and there were about 1000 runners.  The temperature was perfect.  My goals were small. I think the only one I stated was to be faster than 3 weeks ago. I still planned to run/walk it and thought I could be faster but this is a much hillier course.

What went well:

  • I ran the whole thing! Unexpected but it was going well and as I got past 6 miles that became my goal.  I don't think it would have slowed me down to walk a bit in the last few miles but I really wanted to be able to say I ran it all.
  • I had fun.  I had lots of fun.  I loved racing today!  I love being part of a large crowd (relatively speaking) who all like doing what I am doing and are out there enjoying the day in such a fabulous way.  Yes, it became hard the last few miles and I really slowed down but never was I overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel.
  • The GI distress waited until the race was done!
  • I saw people I knew, a few cheering their children and others in the race.  I love the local feel, knowing the route, loving part of the route as a biker but getting a chance to run on it too.
  • I wasn't last.
  • I always say I love the Unplugged Half and this one but I really like this one better. If I decide to not do so many next spring, I will need to remember this and choose this one in spite of it's hilliness.  
  • My fastest mile was 9:26,
  • My overall time was about 12 minutes faster than three weeks ago.
  • I kept my overall pace in the tens (barely but it was there) 
  • I just realized this was my 25th half marathon!!
Before the start with Christa 

One of the hills...on the way to the Morgan Horse Farm

A herd of cows on Sheep Farm Road

Cute kid running with her dad- she was doing the whole thing
and had also done it when she was 7 and 9.  He was great with her.
They walked some, talked a lot, stopped for the bathroom.  Low

Looking back toward the Morgan Horse Farm 

The last 5 miles are out and back with some long hills.

Still going out.

Still heading out. Once I turned around I guess I was too
tired to take more pictures.

Later eating lunch on Church Street with my favorite people.... 

......and dog.
What didn't go well:
  • I could have been faster but truthfully that wasn't on my mind. I wasn't looking at my pace to see how I was doing and that was kind of relaxing.  So this one could be both places.
  • My slowest mile was 12:00.
  • Worrying about GI distress.
But no question........on a feel good score it was a fabulous race  !!!!


Unknown said...

Good job! and by the photos, it looks like a beautiful day!

Amy said...

Wow! congratulations - so glad to hear it went so well and you had such a great time!

christa said...

It was a beautiful day. I had a mini meltdown going up the hills to the Morgan Horse Farm, but I got over it and finished my half.

Fran said...

Sounds like a lot of fun indeed. Happy post that leaves a big smile on my face.

Darlene said...

You are amazing! So happy for you. Yes the weather was great here.

Teamarcia said...

Congrats! You and Christa look so pretty in your skirts. Looks like a gorgeous day. Glad you enjoyed it!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on finishing your 25th half marathon! Sounds like a fun time!

Char said...

I'm glad it went so well. I knew you'd be faster than last time but I certainly wasn't expecting you to run the whole way so you were even faster than I'd expected. And Jax came to cheer you on - you must be his favourite Grandma.

Half Crazed Runner said...

Great job! Congratulations on #25!

Michael said...

Amazing job as usual! #25 - that's awesome!!! Love the syrup/medal...pretty original. Well I'm assuming it's syrup.

Ransick said...

Awesome race! Love the peace you have about it. Thankful for the opportunity to race/run comes to mind.

Alisa said...

25 half marathons that is amazing! I don't know if I have ever counted mine.

For me, racing is always the most fun when I let myself go and have fun instead of being caught up in this or that =).

Nice photos. After breaking my foot and having to call my husband to get me, I will never run without my phone, maybe this will mean more photos from me too once i'm back on my feet again.

Liz said...

Sounds fantastic. Congratulations!

Kandi said...

I loved this report! So glad everything went so well for you and you had a great day racing. I think coming back from injury, this was just what you needed!
That's so cool about the young girl and her dad.

Molly said...

Nice job, congrats on your 25th half!!!