Monday, April 28, 2014

The Best Riding Day Yet

Okay I got the whiny do I really like riding and why am I doing this on my vacation if it's not fun day out of the way.  The fourth day was my favorite.  Everyone said it was too windy to ride but out we went.  It was windy but what are you going to do?  We ended up splitting up for some of it so the really fast two got some piss and vinegar out of their systems by riding fast.

The other 3 of us meandered along and had a delightful time with some new exploring.  We went on Colonial Parkway - the bumpy road- which I love. We saw more eagles and it was so sunny and so pretty and truly wonderful.
Taken on the Colonial Parkway

Then someone suggested a shortcut. Sure.  I know I am the only one that likes this road so I go along with it. We ride on some great roads but eventually come to another one of these.

This time we do not climb over as there is nowhere to go but  a deep hole and some water on the other side. But we have a snack and watch some more eagles and enjoy the day before we meander back and end up in a ritzy neighborhood where we pick out our vacation homes.  Then we find our way back to Jamestown (where we were headed before the "shortcut").  It must be time to use the nice museum bathroom. Then we go to a park next to the ferry.  We find out the ferry is free and I do love ferries as does Cathy so off we go.  We get a call from the other two who make the ferry and join us for a little water time on the James River.

Yes, I do love being on a ferry!

All of us in line for the ferry.

My bike is happy too.

It's  a fairly wide and brown river.

The Jamestown Settlement. Sadly, this is the closest I got.

I think it's an osprey.  It was quite awesome to watch.

Today when I got back I actually had more energy and went for a short run. I ran to Target which was a thrill. I never get to run an errand where I live so it felt great!  


EB said...

Beutiful ride! I am so jealous of the weather and scenery. Glad to hear you had a nice vacation!

Amy said...

Gorgeous and I love the serendipity of the free ferry!

Christy Ashley said...

Gorgeous ride!!!

Teamarcia said...

I love that Target is a thrill for you. I have yet to get out of there with <$50 spent.

Darlene said...

You have to come to a race in NY this summer so you can go to Target.

Char said...

If nothing else had happened all ride, the eagles would have made it a great one for me too. That's if I rode.

Giorgio said...

What a great ride! Glad to see good weather and wonderful scenery.

And to answer your question:
those high buildings along the beach have a clear and significant impact on the surrounding environment. I mean, firstly, negative changes or reactions in the area's wildlife and natural processes. Secondly, it isn't a good visual impact.

Johann said...

Lovely ride and great time spent with your friends. I would love to go on a ferry. I live very far from the few I know about over here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Just awesome!

Unknown said...

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