Friday, February 14, 2014

My Best Run In Ages

I whined about having a snow day off from school on my last post.  I take it back.  I  love running in snow storms and it's been a really long time since I ran in a good one. Today was perfect.  It wasn't too cold.  It snowed the entire time.  There was enough snow to need my Yak Trax but except for the driveway it was manageable.  I spent a good deal of this run grinning from ear to ear.  I just loved it.  I was in my element.  Yeah, you get the point. There is a reason I live in Vermont and days like today are a part of it.  Bliss. Pure bliss!
This was near the beginning of my run. I don't really run across this bridge but I did to take a picture. I liked this shot looking through it. The next one is across the bridge. I didn't run up that road.

I ran along the river in the opposite direction I usually go in. Then I DID run up this very steep hill.
I thought about walking but I didn't although calling what I did running is a bit of a stretch.

This was at the top of the hill.  Beautiful!

I've taken many pictures of this barn. Here's another.

I'm back at home catching a glimpse of the sun in the middle of the snowstorm.

I'm tooling around my yard and I love it. I am up to my knees.  We didn't get as much as a bit south of us but this is the most we have gotten in awhile. It is still snowing! It started last night and has not stopped more than 24 hours later!  LOVE!

Now my husband and I are going to try to go out for a Valentine's dinner. He says the roads aren't that bad so we're giving it a try.  


Unknown said...

Glad you were able to turn a snow day into a fantastic snow run!!!!

Happy Valentines Day

christa said...

Glad you enjoyed your unwanted day off!

Char said...

If ever I get to the US in winter I'll be heading to Vermont to run with you. So amny of the other bloggers hate running in the snow but you embrace it with open arms and a huge grin. I'd always thought it would be fun to run in snow and you keep that dream alive.

Laurie said...

I'm so jealous! You're a lucky girl.

Kate Geisen said...

Oh my gosh, your pictures are so good!! It looks beautiful and sounds wonderful.

I thought your Maine trip was coming up this weekend. I guess not?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures as per the usual.

That must have been quite a run, because like me, you have plenty of ages!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures as per the usual.

That must have been quite a run, because like me, you have plenty of ages!

Giorgio said...

Beautiful report of your snow run!
How could you run on the snow? If I were to run along that path covered with snow my feet would be icy. Nice pictures which show your environs!
Have a great weekend!

Liz said...

I think you are crazy and I don't get it at all, but glad you enjoyed your run - yay!!

Half Crazed Runner said...

Beautiful pics! I can even hear the silence.

Unknown said...

Pretty pictures! I love running in the snow too as long as it's not too deep.

Fran said...

What a great run. Your happy post makes me smile from ear to ear.

Kandi said...

Looks like a fabulous run! I saw some runners out while I was shoveling the other day. I was too tired after shoveling to even consider it plus I was fighting a cold.
Thanks for sharing your photos! Snow in VT looks so much prettier than snow in MD.