Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm Streaking!

Yes, I have my own little streak going. Yesterday, I raced the Polar Cap Four Miler for the 7th year in a row.  I checked last night and it is the only race I have raced every year.  It's not close to me at all but I like the race. I like to race once a month at least and this always gives me a February race.
The start - there were about 250 runners.

PLUS I am also streaking in that I have always won an age group award at this race!  I thought maybe yesterday I wouldn't but I did!  Woot! Woot!

They changed where the race began and added a hill - who does that?  But mostly the course was the same as previous years. I was the slowest yet.  I thought maybe I would not be but oh well.  My pace was slightly better than First Run this year and the course was much hillier so I will take that as improving.
Darlene and I at the finish.

The weather was great.  Often this race is bitter cold.  Darlene raced it too and it's always great to see her plus my hubby went along.  I truthfully enjoyed it a great deal. There's always good snacks after and of course there was that age group prize.  I love racing by lakes always!
Lake George -- not as cold as it looks.

I ran with music for this race which I haven't done in awhile. The songs weren't preselected by me and I have to say they could have been better. Lesson learned.  
My miles were: 9:11, 9:27, 9:43 and 9:43. I'm surprised and pleased that the last mile stayed under 10 and I'm amazed it is the same as 3 as it was quite hilly.  I was 3/6 in the age group and 146/250 overall.
I did speed up and beat that woman who came up beside me
near the finish.

Every year the age group awards are a little different which
is cool.  I love that it says winner!

Any race that has maple candies is a good race.
Lots of homemade treats.

Glad to win my age group award.

Of course if I go to this race I shop.  I raced.  I exercised. I deserve it. My husband was a great sport and sat in the car while I shopped. First I went to Target because you've heard me sing the sad we don't have a Target song.  It's amazing how much you can spend when you never go. I couldn't find the one thing I really needed. I even went to the Wal Mart after but no luck there either. My next option is to look on line.  
Target shopping!

And then I went to Eddie Bauer. Great buys there!

What's not to love about a Saturday that involves racing and shopping?  


Half Crazed Runner said...

Maple candies always remind me of summers in Vermont! You gotta love 'em! Great job!

christa said...

Good for streaking, I think I did Basin Harbor for 3 years, and the SHelburne Spring Fling 5k 4 years, and the Santa run 3 years. I love Lake George, and Target and the outlets :)

Black Knight said...

Congrats to the winner! Great job.
We have the same goal: to race once a month at least.

Darlene said...

Great seeing you!

Char said...

Congratulations on your age group placing. And your running streak. You have to keep going there now.

Christi said...

Great job on all your streaking! That is really cool!

Ransick said...

Congrats on the AG podium! Really good overall placement too.

Sounds like your husband likes shopping as much as I do :-).

Jill said...

I always love how you justify yourself some treats for the races you do - and that your husband is on board :). Nice scores (I read Bernedette, or listened to it on audiotape en route to California in Dec. Good read. Or listen).

Great job on the race! Ag rocks, indeed!! :)

Amy said...

Congratulations!!! And good shopping - I'd love to have Target here, too, so I know what you mean.

Liz said...

7 years in a row is impressive - and 7 AG wins even more so - congrats!

Giorgio said...

Congrats both on your winter race and age group placing!

Johann said...

Well done with another age group win! Awesome! Looks like a really nice race. Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it still looked really cold. Great job keeping each mile under 10!

Kate Geisen said...

7 years in a row! That's an impressive streak. My longest is 4 years, I think. And NO winning streaks...I need to start one of those!

Your race looks cold, but really pretty. Glad you got some good stuff at Target. That's one of my favorite places to shop. :)

Michael said...

Great job! I am jealous of that beanie! It is super cool. I also love the top you have on. Where is that from?

Unknown said...

Well done and nice scores!!

Paul said...

That is one great award hat! Congrats on a fun
race, fast splits!

Shopping good too...don't give Target your credit card though ;)