Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To Race or Not to Race....That is the Question

This coming weekend I have my Unplugged Half Marathon. It is usually my A race for the spring.  That is not the case this year. In fact I am not even sure I will start it.  I thought maybe it would help me to list the pros and cons in no particular order.

More time not racing after an injury helps for long time healing. Con
But I'm feeling better daily with this week showing a marked improvement in my mobility. Pro
I love racing.  Pro
I will be slower, much slower than I have ever been in a half and my name will be in the results with that time.  Con
I can run/ walk it and that will greatly lessen the likelihood that it will lessen my healing. Pro
I really like the route this half takes. Pro
I actually love the route this half takes. Pro
It wasn't expensive so if I don't start it's not a big deal. ????
There is no one it matters to whether I race or not except me. ???
I love racing. Pro
I'm feeling better every day. Pro

If I'm repeating things to have more pros or just because they're true I think you can see which way I'm leaning.  At this point barring any setbacks I expect to be slowly making my way down the Burlington Bike Path along the lake on Saturday with a whole bunch of other runners who love racing.

Do you race when it's not a race but  a run?  
Do you like racing enough to just run a race?
Does it bother you to have a really slow time listed in the results?


Kate Geisen said...

I was going to say that if you aren't sure you want to race, that's maybe your answer. But it sounds like you're quite sure you want to be there. If you can do it without hurting yourself, go for it.

Most of my races are just whatever, basically just a run with lots of other people. My lack if training typically leads to results I'm not thrilled to post, but they are what they are. Good luck with your decision (and your race)!

Char said...

I did the half in Melbourne last year just as a run. There was no way that I was in any shape to race it and finishing it gave me as much satisfaction as running a PB.

You're the only one who can judge whether you're good to run. If my crystal ball was working I'd be able to give you better insight but Toby decided it was his to play with and broke it. Good luck making your decision. (I have a sneaky suspicion that you'll be running it)

MCM Mama said...

You can probably guess my answer...

In fact, I'm signing up for a half marathon each month just so I don't have to do any training runs longer than 10 miles LOL.

Have fun at the race. ;o)

Paul said...


My vote:

Go out and enjoy a nice spring day! Maybe even leave the Garmin at home 8) Take it easy and have a good time!


Amy said...

I like Paul's idea here above - no Garmin!

I get the feeling you are going to do it, and I hope you have a really enjoyable run on a course you love. Just think, if you're not racing, that gives you more of a chance to relish the route as you go along.

Cinthia said...

Run! Forget about time. Remember how it felt to run when you were a child and nothing made you happier than just feeling your body move? Run like that, and enjoy every minute. (I'm writing this to you but I'm also writing it to me to remind myself of the joys of running, not just the how-fast-did-I go, which is really, when you think of it, beside the point.)

Oh, oh, oh, you must read "Runnng Ransom Road." It is so good! The Moscow chapter lags at bit but after you plow through that, it opens up in and deepens in so many ways. I swear, the last two pages were worth the whole book. I sat in the bathroom and cried for about five minutes, it was so beautiful and true and wonderful.
Cheers and happy running,

christa said...

My times are always slow. I think you should do it!!

Michael said...

I think you can totally do a race just for fun! I think you can do it if you stay smart and don't decide you are feeling "too good" and go for it.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Up until this year I would have said "No way! I have to race a race. I can never just run it." However, now that I've started coaching, simply running a race isn't as bad as I thought. I wouldn't do it all the time since there's money involved, but if I knew my goal was forfeited, I could see myself just enjoying the run.

Best of luck with the injury. It's great to hear it's getting better, but don't push it!

Darlene said...


Do it:)

You will be depressed if you don't.

Your time only matters to you.

Have fun. Take photos.

Anonymous said...

I say do it and make the best of it.

It took me a long time to be okay with the time it took me to finish my marathon and knowing it would be forever attached to my name in the records. There is no asterisk that says "broke foot at mile 21" and I felt horrible that no one would ever know why my time was so slow. Then I started to realize it didn't matter to anyone but me. It was still a great race and a great day!

Liz said...

I must admit, while I'm running, I always want to get a good time. Even if I'm tired or injured, I tend to run faster than planned just so my result won't be so bad. But afterwards I realise no-one actually cares what my time was! If you do it, try not to get carried away and race too hard. Good luck with your decision...!

Kathy McGroddy-Goetz said...

Do it as a training run, no Garmin, enjoy being out there (hope the weather is good by then!)....and I have to ask, where on the bike path are those pictures from? I lived in Underhill for 12 years, used to run with the GMAA group in Burlington on Sunday mornings and have run the marathon relay and USAT age group national Olympic tri race there multiple times but don't recognize the bridge...

ajh said...

It's the bike bridge crossing the Winooski River to Colchester.

Anne said...

I've definitely done races as runs and never regretted it. To be honest, I don't really care what my time says in the results (when I plan to not race of course - otherwise, I do care :)). I agree that leaving your Garmin home is a good idea and just enjoy being out there!

Teamarcia said...

Yep, run it. Don't race it. You'll be fine. I definitely do not race everything anymore.

Ransick said...

Good luck with your decision. Do you have a friend to run with? I really don't like racing, so I would skip unless I had a friend I could run with and chat then do something fun afterwards like go out for wings and beer :-).

Black Knight said...

Absolutely race!
You know my story and despite all the problems I took the decision to race as I can.
If you worry for the pace the solution is .... no Garmin!
Good luck. I am sure that you will do the right thing.

Anne said...

BTW, you had asked me "Why Philadelphia?" I guess it's just one of those races that quite a few runners around here have done and all come back with glowing reviews. Also, we will be running this race to celebrate my SIL's 50th birthday and she hates heat :) November seemed like a great time of the year. :)

Giorgio said...

Racing always gives me motivation and I don't mind to have a slow time listed in the running websites. I sometimes run races as training. Enjoy the race :)