Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Running/Annual Physical/Silliness

These are old pictures.  There is hardly any snow
now. I love the picture below.  That is the
kind of day I LOVE to run on.

I really shook things up on Sunday.  I decided not to run early as I usually do and rode my trainer first.  I was so cold the day before that I didn't want  a repeat and thought I would wait for warmer temperatures.  So I set out after 11, listening to my political podcasts thinking I would run at least 6 but probably 8 miles. I thought about trying a different route but in the end I went on the main road which wasn't snow covered.  I didn't take my camera but soon wished I had as the sky and the contrasting snow on the mountain were gorgeous!  Everything looked different with the sun fully up and I delighted in my surroundings.  I didn't turn around when I got to 4 miles but kept going up the dirt road which was snowy.   It was a nice change from the road I had been on and it had been a long time since I ran here. So I ended up running 9 miles, longer than I have gone in quite awhile.  I was tired but it was  a good tired. The only problem with running later was the church (bathroom) wasn't empty. In fact there seemed to be a discussion group going on as I barged in to use the facilities! Oh well, the stop made the rest of my run much more comfortable.
So nice to know that Ryan is watching out
for me!

Today I had my annual physical. I know I have talked about my doctor before but I have to again. I love my doctor. Seriously love her!  Once again my physical was almost an hour long.  She takes a ton of time with you and really listens.  We started out with my talking about my job this year and how hard it has been.  She was checking in to make sure I wasn't depressed and I assured her it has turned around for the better.  This is a woman who really knows how to listen and remembers important things from visit to visit.  She assured me I didn't need to worry about one thing I have going on, keep an eye on it but worry not. (She knows me well.)  My blood pressure is good, in fact she wants me to monitor it and possibly go off the half tablet I have had to take for a few years now!  My cholesterol was excellent. And she said my weight........was.........perfect.  Now I don't think it is - though it is much improved - but how can you not love a doctor who says your weight is perfect!  She also said I am approaching 60 as many 40 year olds approach 40.  She said she sees that in about 20% of her patients. This is a 20% I am happy to be a part of!

I have another race in less than two weeks.  I can't wait to get to the finish line!  I don't care at all what my time is!


Kate Geisen said...

Oh wonderful about your run, and fantastic dr's report!!

Johann said...

That run sounds awesome. Well done with the 9 miles! My doctor also compares me to those much younger. It is really great to hear.

Fran said...

You are one healthy girl! Good to hear and happy for you.

But I'm rather disappointed in you too: what ever happened to McDreamy that you traded him in for a younger (not so attractive) version? But on the other hand ... more McDreamy for me, you can have the little boy :)

Unknown said...

Good job on the 9. And great news from the physical. Keep active and stay healthy!

Unknown said...

Coming up with more miles than planned is always cool! Hey, do those snow plowed roads have much traffic? I don't have experience running in conditions like that and I was wondering what its like. Looks narrow (and maybe icy in some spots - dunno). Gotta love that feedback from you doctor!

Char said...

I would have used the toilet too - study group or not. When you've got to go, you've got to go.

Well done on the physical. It just shows what keeping active does for you.

Kandi said...

Great news about your physical! I like it when doctors give me a good report. My dentist in particular (love him) tells me every time I'm in that my teeth are so clean he hardly has to do any work.
Fran's comment about Ryan cracked me up!

Ransick said...

Awesome Dr. report. How cool is that tone told you are in shape like someone 20 years younger?